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Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)

Now in the market of decorative cosmetics it is presented many really qualitative types of ink providing to eyelashes beautiful division, increase in volume and even leaving. All these qualities are combined also by ink of Artdeko All in One Mascara which nowadays is considered one of the most successful in a ruler of this producer. Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)

  • Volume: 10 ml.
  • Manufacturing country: Germany.
  • It is made in: Germany.
  • Applicable for: all types of skin.
  • Age of application: since 18 years.
  • Price: from 30 USD.

Uniqueness flourishes All in One Mascara from Artdeko

ArtDeco All in One Mascara — one of the most successful versions of ink released a popular German brand. The presented cosmetic product favourably differs from the analogs not only more convenient brush providing equal and uniform drawing funds for eyelashes, but also its unique formula. Wax, and also pitch of a karnaubsky palm tree which provide to hairs reliable protection against adverse external factors are a part of the last. This product will provide to your eyelashes the beautiful volume, lengthening and division. Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)

The presented mascara was put on the market at once in several color schemes. Among is as follows:

To use this means for creation of an effective make-up very simply. You need to apply accurately it on eyelashes, moving from roots to tips, shaking the brush a little. It will provide uniform distribution of a product on hairs and will allow you to avoid emergence on them of lumps and pasting of eyelashes. The presented method of use is good for creation of natural effect if you want to receive more expressive volume or lengthening, you need to wait some minutes until the first layer of ink a little dries up, and to put over it following, tightening up eyelashes a brush. Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)

What do experts speak about flourishes All in One Mascara?

The presented ink from Artdeko is highly appreciated by many makeup artists. Experts note that she allows to create a beautiful natural make-up on eyelashes, she is very simple and convenient in application, and therefore is suitable even for a daily make-up. Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)

Makeup artists also note what exactly this version of a product from the well-known German brand quite is suitable for girls with sensitive eyes, and also the women who are regularly using contact lenses. It isn't showered during carrying and doesn't cause irritations as it is done by usual products from other producers.

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Opinion of consumers


Ideal option for sensitive eyes. I use this version of ink 6 years. It is better than anything in the market I didn't meet, I support completely positive responses on this product.

Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)


I absolutely not delighted with the presented product. If you need volume, it won't give it to you at all, only easy lengthening. But the upper eyelid in time soils socks constantly. I am very disappointed, I know considerable number of less expensive, but much more effective versions of ink in other brands.

Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)


I constantly buy this ink. I had already 4 tubes of the presented means, and already soon I will surely buy one more. For me this series from Artdeko is ideal: it well and long keeps, eyelashes well extends, divides, after its drawing they at me beautiful, fluffy. Eyes this product doesn't irritate. And it lasts for a long time — three months use one bottle of means steadily after that it is necessary to buy new ink.

Artdeko's ink: responses, price (ArtDeco All in One Mascara)


Not the best means from this firm. Too much product is gathered on a brush, it is necessary to remove the remains all the time an old brush that is the extremely inconvenient. I liked Perfect Volume Mascara — the most excellent version from the same producer much more.


Quite good, but a little thinnish ink. I needed some time that to get used to it.

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