Bourjois ink

Bourjois ink

Eyes - a window to the soul. It means that they always have to shine, and the look to be expressive and beautiful. Not the last role is played in this case by a make-up. An important component of an excellent meyk is ink.

Today there is a set of options of this cosmetic. One of favourites among female representatives is Bourjois ink.


The French Bourjois brand changes views of a fine half of mankind already more than century. The brand was founded in 1863 and received the name on the surname of the founder of the same name. However, at that time it let out cosmetics only for actors of theatrical performances. But now the range of a brand is so huge that any young lady will find something to taste.

The true pride of a label is mascara. The special formula enriched with a keratin and pantenoly allows to divide and paint over each eyelash. Besides, the structure contains castor oil which well influences eyelashes, accelerates their growth, feeds and strengthens. Ink of this brand of a gipoaalergenn, so, suits all.

Main advantages flourishes Bourjois:

  1. Eyelashes become much longer and more volume;
  2. Easy consistence, without weighting;
  3. Firmness;
  4. Simplicity in use: when drawing doesn't flow, doesn't stick together an eyelash;
  5. Lack of lumps;
  6. Reasonable price;
  7. Long expiration date;
  8. Doesn't contain fragrances;
  9. Undergoes all clinical testing, so, it is safe in application.

Types and description

It is almost impossible to list all advantages of each ink of this brand, even having made the full review of all its options. The list in this case can be infinite. We will better consider advantages of each component of the range of Bourjois separately.

In general, all hulks from Bourjois can be subdivided into three main categories:

  1. The extending;
  2. Giving volume;
  3. Waterproof and moisture resistant.

Each product of a label is issued under the unique name.

One of the most demanded is the line of Bourjois "Volume Glamour". Ink of this series belongs to category of who give volume. It perfectly paints over eyelashes and does a look to the most open and expressive.

Coal-black color of eyelashes will provide ink from this ruler under the name Volume "Glamour Ultra Black". It perfectly will be suitable for creation of an evening make-up or in Smokey Eyes style.

Also this collection includes Bourjois "Volume Glamour Ultra Care" ink. It is issued in a white tube therefore you with ease will be able to find it on shelves of shops of decorative cosmetics. This ink is the obvious favourite of all girls, since comments on her exclusively positive. On that is certain reasons: first, it qualitatively paints over eyelashes, secondly, protects them from negative impact of external factors and feeds from within and, thirdly, it possesses the special looking after formula capable to remove irritation. It is the only option with which it is possible to paint over eyelashes even if you feel discomfort or dryness in eyes.

Also in this ruler "Volume Glamour Ultra Curl" which perfectly tightens up eyelashes should note. It will become natural replacement of false eyelashes.

Recent novelty of the Twist Up The Volume brand - the excellent assistant in creation of ultra long and volume eyelashes. Such effect is reached thanks to the silicone brush operating at once in two directions: lengthening and volume. Business all in an arrangement a shchetinok: on a parallel and on a spiral. Thus you receive ink 2 in 1 and you can choose what you want to be today.

Besides a unique brush, this ink can brag of special structure which is enriched with silk extract. He helps to achieve firmness and brightness of a shade.

One more new ruler - Bourjois Volume "1 Seconde". That it was easier for you than it to find among other analogs we will note that packing of this ink silvery with an orange fringing. This novelty contains the karnaubsky wax which is especially feeding structure of eyelashes in the structure. Ink possesses improbable firmness: till 16 o'clock without fall and spreading. The name specifies that only in one moment of an eyelash become volume and ultra-black.

The moisture resistant formula is embodied in products of the Volume Reveal series. The classical brush with short shchetinka paints over everyone, even the smallest eyelash, therefore volume from this ink the simply enormous.

Bourjois "Volume Reveal" possesses special moisture resistant characteristics. Difference of such ink from the waterproof is that such means won't be smeared if at you eyes slightly water or you were caught in the small rain. Thus such ink doesn't need to be washed away special means for a waterproof make-up, it is possible to remove it with a usual skin or a milk for removal of cosmetics which you got used to use.

And waterproof are those means which won't be washed away when bathing in the pool, at the sea and in other similar places. And, respectively, ink of this kind should be deleted with special means for washing. Therefore if you aren't going to swim and the usual daily option is necessary for you, to resort to waterproof means there is no sense.

By the way, about waterproof options. Bourjois Volume "Glamour Max" not only will present you fluffy eyelashes, but also will surprise with unique design which obviously doesn't remain unnoticed: a bright pink tube with a convex neck. Such assistant will be irreplaceable during rest on a beach or splashing in the pool.

The tightening-up ink of a line of Bourjois "Effect Push Up" with the turning brush paints over eyelashes from the roots, thus raising and tightening up them. The look becomes more open and shining. The producer promises increase in volume by 10 times.

One more noteworthy product of brand - Bourjois "Liner Effect". The name speaks for itself: ink is capable to give to eyes so expressive look that there is an impression that at the basis them brought a thin liquid eyeliner. Besides at an arsenal of this series there are at once some shades: black, blue, brown, green and lilac.

If you prefer mega-volume, Bourjois Mascara "Beauty Full" ink is represented to your choice. It is easy to distinguish it - a pink bottle with a brush, incredibly wide on diameter. Exactly thanks to it the stunning effect is reached.

And the last ink in this review - Bourjois "Talons Aiguilles". Thanks to it it is possible to get so long eyelashes that people around will think that you increased them in beauty shop. At female forums of the girl write about her the delighted responses. Someone even noted that "eyelashes literally got confused in eyebrows". Same how long they appeared!

What best?

Everyone chooses to himself cosmetics to own taste and preferences. But not always that is pleasant, resembles to us. At a choice of ink it is necessary to consider type of own eyelashes.

If at you thin, not too dense eyelashes, of course you have to choose from those options which give volume. And here if opposite, eyelashes at you dense, volume hulks - obviously not your skate as hardly at you it will turn out to put means evenly without formation of lumps. Eyelashes skletsya and will look simply awfully. With dense eyelashes it is better for girls to give preference to options which will provide lengthening.

As for waterproof ink then solve. Some girls are afraid that in wet or windy weather at them eyes can water and the make-up will be hopelessly spoiled. It is better to give preference of moisture resistant ink in such cases: it will be able to liquidate threat of "tearful eyes", and besides on eyelashes it makes much more more sparing impact, than waterproof alternatives. And here in a trip at the sea it is better to take with itself the waterproof.

How to choose?

At a choice it is very important to consider some fundamental aspects:

  1. First, it is extremely important to select a shade correctly. For example, black is always the extending option, and here lighter of tone, on the contrary, visually shorten eyelashes. Therefore brown, green, blue and other shades of ink aren't recommended to be used as daily options. It is better to apply them as a part of an evening make-up as additional color accent.
  2. Secondly, at a choice it is always necessary to consider features of eyelashes and eyes. For thin direct eyelashes choose the tightening-up options, for dense - extending, and for rare - volume. As for your eyes, Bourjois ink - absolutely hypoallergenic product, so, will be suitable even for sensitive eyes and won't do them harm.
  3. Thirdly, before acquisition of this or that cosmetic it is always recommended to test it. And it is best of all to do it with a mirror. Try to paint over at least one eye a tester and look not at effect. If eyelashes stuck together, became visually shorter or something is simple you doesn't arrange, consider other options offered by a brand.

How to put?

Ink, as well as any other element of cosmetics need to be able to be applied competently. To achieve the maximum effect from its application it is necessary to be guided by several rules.

  • You watch the ink: its consistence shouldn't dry up and means shouldn't be delayed, differently you risk to cause damage to own eyelashes and even eyes.
  • Remember that ink is a final stage of any make-up. Therefore shadows, an eyeliner and a pencil for eyelids have to be put before it.
  • When coloring the special order is important: the first the top eyelashes are painted over always, and the eyelid thus has to be slightly raised means was put from the roots.
  • The movements have to be smooth. After the first drawing one more additional layer, and is necessary for an evening make-up - even two.
  • With responsibility approach a prokrashivaniye of the lower eyelashes. If it is a day make-up, it is better to paint over them one film. Thus by no means allow spreadings of ink on a lower eyelid.


By means of only one ink it is possible to create various variations of a make-up, without resorting to other additional resources. We will give some examples how to make the look unforgettable by means of ink of lines of the Bourjois brand.

The daily

In this case everything is extremely simple: any special rules of putting ink aren't required here. Simply take extending (if eyelashes from you dense) or volume Bourjois ink and the combing movements carry out on eyelashes from roots to the tips. If any eyelashes stuck together or somewhere lumps were formed, take other brush and divide them.

With the allocated contour

For those girls who prefer fashionable strelochka, but aren't able or don't like them to draw, and it can be simple they have no time it to be engaged, there is an excellent alternative option of a make-up. Take Bourjois "Liner Effect" ink, press its brush to the root of eyelashes and conduct up. Repeat procedure several times. At the expense of the special formula ink will provide effect of the used eye shadow.

In style nyud

The special technology of giving of expressiveness to eyes is a make-up in style nyud. Here a main objective - a natural look at the minimum quantity of use of cosmetics. The extending Bourjois "Talons Aiguilles" ink is applied only on the tips.

"Cat's look"

The cat's look is always associated with the extended arrows or a make-up in Smoky Eyes style. Here volume Bourjois Mascara "Beauty Full" ink is required. Paint over only the top eyelashes, carefully combing them in some layers. The movements have to go from an internal century to external corners. So the extended bend sideways will turn out.

As a result you will have less aggressive, so to speak, light - the version of a make-up of "Cat eyes".

"Doll look"

The look of "Barbie" can be created by means of any extending flourishes Bourjois. The brush thus has to move vertically, parallel to the direction of growth of eyelashes. Thus for a start it is necessary to apply on eyelashes a primer or powder and only after that to apply ink. Here it is important that eyelashes weren't bent. All essence of a "doll" make-up also consists in it.


According to opinion of most of girls, the Bourjois brand - one of obvious leaders in production of decorative cosmetics for eyes. Carried to obvious pluses of the woman:

  • Careful prokrashivaniye of eyelashes.
  • Available cost.
  • Attractive design of a tube.
  • Means isn't greased and not showered neither during a heat, nor in damp weather.
  • Worthy quality.
  • Natural components in structure.

Among minuses it is possible ladies noted the following:

  • Ink quickly enough dries. Here It should be noted one very important aspect: after opening any ink has to be used within 6 months. Besides, means storage conditions are very important: it is necessary to close carefully a tube and to hold it at a temperature not below 5 and not over 25 degrees.
  • At several products of brand a brush too wide because of what uncomfortablly to make up eyes. In that case we recommend to look narrowly at the extending options. They have a brush, as a rule, thin, and it will be much more convenient to be painted.
  • Sometimes leaves prints on an upper eyelid.
  • It is difficult to remove from eyelashes. Though, of course, in general it is difficult to wash away ink usual water, without use of a milk or a skin for removal of a make-up.

Nevertheless many women admitted that at once after the first use of Bourjois they became ardent venerators of ink and continue to buy it further. Some even sincerely were surprised how the label manages to stay afloat not simply for so many years but also to bypass many competitors.

The extremely positive comments were received by waterproof Bourjois Volume "Glamour Max". Those who had to swim with the made-up eyes admitted that firmness of means pleasantly surprised them. Means isn't smeared, doesn't flow and perfectly keeps throughout long time.

Plunge into the world of luxury and beauty – this advertizing will specify flourishes Bourjois a way!