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Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes "Bourgeois": responses

The most popular cosmetics for eyelashes are flourishes "Bourgeois" today. Comments on them the best. Ladies say that the producer of these products cares of eyelashes, enriches them with natural additives, oils and a keratin. Each type of ink is directed on performance of certain tasks and does eyes of girls simply smart.

Bourjois brand history

The Bourjois brand arose in 1863 in France. At first the company made only cosmetics for theater, and after several years was engaged also in production of decorative cosmetics.

The called French company exists in the market about 140 years. It was created by Aleksander Napoleon Bourgeois who was the active admirer of the film star Sara Bernhardt. The actress often referred to bad quality of the make-up which isn't allowing to merge to the right degree with a role. It pushed Alexander to production of decorative means which could satisfy taste of the most whimsical lady. Blush in boxes of a roundish form and the compact sizes became the first and popular means of the specified brand.

Recognized cosmetics I made bright design of its packing, roundish outlines and original Parisian style. Range of the Bourjois brand the huge:

  • lipsticks;
  • lip gloss;
  • flourishes "Bourgeois" (responses of ladies say that brasmatik carefully paints over each eyelash and carefully looks after hairs);
  • nail varnishes;
  • shadows;
  • blush;
  • powder and other cosmetics.

At the moment the color scale of decorative means totals about 350 shades. All cosmetics is made only in France. Here the company has own laboratories and branches. It is also a distinctive feature of this brand.

At first only actresses used decorative means of "Bourgeois". Gradually it became popular with the well-known designers which applied it on fashion shows and various secular actions. Stories about production of the company soon appeared on pages of glossy magazines and newspapers, and the described cosmetics was included surely into the range of eminent makeup artists and stylists.

But, the main thing, it got approval at a great number of women of different age. After all the range presented by the company is capable to satisfy needs of any lady. The natural substances, vitamins and other substances supporting beauty and health of the woman are added to each means.

About composition of cosmetic

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

Flourishes "Bourgeois" responses about which you can read in this article, initially perfectly coped with a problem of lengthening of eyelashes. Are, as a rule, their basis:

  • soot;
  • pitch;
  • soap;
  • dye;
  • preservative.

But thus each type of ink is enriched with vitamins and nutrients, such as castor oil, a keratin, lanolin, pantenol and melanin.

As the ladies using ink from "Bourgeois" repeatedly confirmed, it not only paints eyelashes, but also looks after them. For lengthening add silk, nylon and mikrokrotlinovy fibers to means. Such brasmatik gives smart length to eyelashes and isn't thus hypoallergenic.

At the moment the company lets out also the volume ink containing karnaubsky wax and other components, not less useful to eyelashes. It is safe and has no negative impact on a mucous membrane of an eye. Suits the people predisposed to an allergy and ladies with easily irritated konyyuktivy eyes.

Types of ink

The range of ink from Bourjois is huge. We will list only some types of production.

Effet Liner. In it there is everything to make the woman's look as it is possible more expressively. Ink not only carefully paints over eyelashes, but also creates effect of an eyeliner. Brush plastic. Shchetinki, on the one hand, long, and with another - short. Has five color options.

Effet Push Up Volume Glamour. Has a special structure of a brush and as much as possible paints over all hairs. Imeyushteiesq on "Bourgeois Effect Pouche Ap" ink responses claim that means perfectly tightens up eyelashes and raises them from roots. Increases the volume of hairs by 11 times. Keeps for 16 hours.

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

Beautyfull Volume Dark Khol. The only cosmetics for eyelashes which emphasizes a contour of growth of hair. It is tenfold increases their volume. Has rich black color and paints hairs without lumps. That who wants to receive a bright evening make-up, especially on temper Bourgeois Darc Hol ink. Responses note its brush of the unusual form reminding the eight. They say that it is ideally suited for causing graphic accents.

Easy Waterproof. Has a waterproof formula. Covers each hair with an impenetrable film. Its structure doesn't contain alcohol and a fat basis. Is issued in two options.

Talons Aiguilles. This ink is directed on ultralengthening. Contains nylon fibers, special polymer and rice wax. These components help eyelashes to twist up. The brush doesn't stick together hairs, and ideally them paints over. Means hypoallergenic. Is suitable for sensitive eyes and to owners of contact lenses.

Yes to Volume, No to Clumps. The volume of eyelashes without lumps – here the main direction of this means. The special painting part which is collagen helps to make hairs more dense. The brush is convenient in application and paints over each eyelash from the beginning to the tips, without sticking together them. Doesn't dry an eyelash and it is created without alcohol use. It is made only a black shade.

Volume Clubbing Ultra Black. The superblack ink giving not only smart volume, but also tremendous with firmness. It isn't showered and doesn't flow, and when drawing doesn't form lumps. Acts from eyelashes means for a demakiyazh. It is ideal for the women loving night parties. There is a waterproof option of ink.

Volume Glamour. These are unusual volume and lengthening which are reached even at single drawing means. Bourgeois Volum Glamour ink (responses note good firmness of this means) incorporates polymers and special oils. Thanks to these ingredients the tremendous effect is also reached. The product belongs to the hypoallergenic.

Maxi Frange Waterproof. The supervolume ink capable keep on eyelashes long time. The structure of this decorative cosmetics carefully smoothes each eyelash, extending it. Means has a classical brush.

Volume Glamour. The extra-volume and superfirmness - these characteristics can achieve even at its single drawing. Special polymers and natural oils are a part of means. It is ideal for women with sensitive eyes and for those who prefers to carry lenses. There are kinds of this ink is a cosmetics with ultra-black pigments (Volume Glamour Ultra Black) and means for a podkruchivaniye of eyelashes and giving of the volume (Volume Glamour Ultra Curl).

Volume Glamour Ultra Care. It is created especially for sensitive eyes. Gives repeated volume to eyelashes. Looks after hairs and feeds them. Protects from negative impact of environment. The brush in a flash tightens up eyelashes, paints over and combs. Doesn't form lumps on hairs.

Coup de Theatre 2 in 1. Novelty of the company. Creates effect of false eyelashes. Contains the unique formula giving to hairs the maximum volume and length. The brush is equipped with special tanks which are between hairs. Exactly thanks to them, eyelashes are carefully painted over from roots to the tips.

Pump Up the Volume. Classical brasmatik. Has soft texture. For many years enjoys popularity at women. This ink can easily be washed away water. Doesn't contain in composition of alcohol. The unique brush in a flash gives rise to magnificent and dense eyelashes. Evenly distributes structure on all length of hairs.

Twist Up The Volume. Has the unique brush capable to be transformed to twist style at turn of a cap. It is capable to provide the maximum lengthening and division. Bourgeois Twist ink (responses of some ladies say that is enough two drawings to have long and volume eyelashes) possesses also a waterproof version.

It is not all range of ink from Bourjois. Actually it is much more than types, and above-mentioned means concern to the most demanded and popular.

Advantages of ink from "Bourgeois"

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

Than to explain a demand flourishes "Bourgeois"? Responses say that means fantastically extend eyelashes. Increase the volume of filaments several times. Have special structure which looks after and feeds hairs. All ink possesses a weightless consistence, it is easy to be put, doesn't flow and isn't showered. It it is possible without efforts to wash away ordinary water. It is hypoallergenic. Possesses good firmness.

Each brush is thought over to trifles. Specialists of the company watch that when drawing the brush didn't form lumps and carefully painted over eyelashes, dividing hairs and didn't stick together them. Therefore with a brush of Bourjois it is absolutely easy to create dense, volume, long and smart eyelashes.

Ink is available at the price, is economic and has large volume. At long use doesn't lose the qualities. Besides it can be got practically in any shop of cosmetics and perfumery.

As it is correct to apply ink

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

All company funds have excellent quality, among them and Bourgeois Volum Glamour ink. Responses of some women note that this cosmetics is suitable for eyelashes to at whom eyelashes are smart by nature more. Experts speak that eyelashes looked fantastically, they need to be made up correctly ink.

For an example we will take Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2v1 ink which consists of two parts - white and color (black, brown etc.).

  1. Without hurrying, it is necessary to paint over carefully eyelashes white structure.
  2. Then it is necessary to wait until hairs dry up and to put a color layer. White color is used only once, and color it is possible to make up eyelashes as much as necessary.
  3. It is necessary to wait for every time so far the previous layer will dry. Gradually elastic texture of ink gives the necessary volume and length to eyelashes.

Thus, also other types of ink from Bourjois are put.

Start making up eyelashes from roots and finish at tips. It is important that the main volume of ink settled at the basis of filaments - so roots of eyelashes will turn into a framework and will support already tightened up hairs. If the bulk of means accumulates on tips, eyelashes will fall down and won't be able to remain curved.

During coloring of filaments it is necessary to move ahead from an inner edge of an eye to the middle, and then to an outer edge of an eyelid. The eyelashes painted thus are similar to a fan. Look dense and smart.

Rating of means for eyelashes

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

Women recognized long ago that the best decorative cosmetics are the Bourgeois mascaras. Responses of some customers claim that ink, by the way, becomes more dense over time and paints better.

Means for eyelashes on the price range belong to middle class. Ink from Bourjois takes in this niche always only the leading positions and have an indicator of an assessment of users in 9,9 points from 10 possible.

Period of storage of a cosmetic product

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

You shouldn't use Bourgeois Pouche Ap ink (responses note that it has the convenient brush which is carefully painting over each eyelash) as well as other cosmetics after an expiration date. Before opening of a tuba, it makes three years from the date of production. A period of storage flourishes "Bourgeois" - six months since the beginning of use.

Besides, on its label it is specified that the called cosmetics for eyelashes has to be stored at a temperature from +5 to +25 ºS in the place protected from direct sunshine.

Where it is possible to buy ink?

Bourgeois Glamour ink (responses say that it resistant also keeps during the day in an invariable look) it is possible to buy in any shop of perfumery and cosmetics. For example, in "Letual", "Or de Bote", "Reeve gosh". In the same place it is possible to take also all other forms of cosmetics for Bourjois eyelashes. All these means can be bought in and online stores.

Cost of means of Bourjois

The Bourjois mascaras are available to most of women. The cost of a product depends on its mission, structure and fluctuates around 350-25 USD. For example, "Bourgeois Volum Glamour Pouche Ap" ink (responses of some ladies, however, note that it leaves lumps and it is showered by the end of day) it is possible to buy for 14 USD, and "Volume 1 Seconde" and "Liner pencil Ultra Black" - respectively, for 550 and 17 USD

Often large network shops organize various actions. At this time ink from "Bourgeois" can cost around 10 USD.

Responses about flourishes "Bourgeois"

Bourjois mascara: types, description. Flourishes

In spite of the fact that the described ink and strongly won long ago the market of cosmetics, opinions on it developed the most different.

Someone doesn't imagine life without this means. Says that the product perfectly divides eyelashes, well them paints over, gives the volume and the necessary length. Consumers claim, what even at regular use of a tuba lasts for a year.

And responses carry Bourgeois Volum ink to the most popular means for coloring of eyelashes. They say that this brasmatik carries out all functions declared by the producer. Gives to eyelashes good volume and with firmness keeps on hairs throughout the day. The composition of ink isn't showered and doesn't flow. Does eyelashes expressive, fluffy and dense. Has easy texture.

But there is also a category of those to whom ink of this brand wasn't to the taste. They claim that means is showered, and the brush inconvenient, forms lumps and badly paints over eyelashes. Quickly dries up and doesn't give the promised volume. Means badly washes off and strongly thus is smeared. Bourgeois ink even caused loss of eyelashes in some ladies.

As you can see, a choice only for you!