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Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

Now each of us can have an attractive look. The range of flourishes from Avon allows not only to increase the volume or length of your eyelashes, but also to make them beautifully curved and fluffy.

Pigments have saturated color, the make-up differs in firmness, and formulas are enriched with useful substances. Having caught your eye, men won't want to look down below.


The company regularly lets out the new mascaras having advanced formulas, unusual bottles, specific forms of brushes. It allows girls with various requirements to pick up an optimum product for itself.

Nutritious components are a part of flourishes Avon besides the painting pigments: valuable oils, vitamin complexes, extracts of plants.

Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

BIG daring

The most popular means are:

  1. Mark "full range". One color of a product – black is offered. The bottle has the unique design allowing to regulate the received volume of the painted eyelashes from the most natural before creation of effect of false eyelashes. The ink consistence Mark dryish, but is put it exactly, without lumps. The brush from artificial fibers paints over all eyelashes. Firmness of a make-up about 8 hours. When overlaying several layers possibly emergence of feeling of "weight of eyelids".
  2. "Superlength Accent" is made in 2 flowers: black and black-brown. The brush of ink has the unique conic form reminding a feather, and triangular shchetinka. It qualitatively paints over eyelashes, raising and extending them. As a result of use of ink gain effect of open eyes. The cream consistence of average density allows to impose means a uniform thin layer. The make-up rushes the whole day, easily is removed any means for a demakiyazh.
  3. "MAX Supershock" is offered in one black color. As a part of means there are parts of microfiber which allow to increase the volume of eyelashes to 12 times for one drawing. The synthetic brush has flexible hairs, is convenient in use, well divides. The consistence cream, is put exactly. The make-up doesn't demand updating, isn't showered during the day, easily washed away even by flowing water. Is suitable for a daily and festive image, including when carrying contact lenses.
  4. BIG & FALSE LASH VOLUME MASCARAInk Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length is presented in several flowers: brown, black, coal-black. The brush has artificial hairs, well paints over, doesn't soil eyelids. The painted eyelashes quickly dry, if necessary the subsequent layers are easily imposed. Firmness of ink with effect of false eyelashes good, until the end of day it isn't showered, not smeared. Micellar water or specialized means is suitable for removal.
  5. "Food and length" from the new True series is offered in two flowers: black, brown-black. The silicone brush has the small size, flexible, well paints over eyelashes. Nutritious oils are a part of a product argon and coconut, possessing the restoring and strengthening action. Ink is applied without lumps, increases length of hairs and their volume. Firmness of a product good, parts aren't showered. The make-up is washed away without effect of a panda.
  6. "Luxury" has 2 colors: black and brown. The stylish bottle is executed in gold color. The formula is enriched with the microparts of diamond giving firmness to coloring and super volume to eyelashes. The brush with fluffy fibers has the average size, well paints over even small hairs. Has a cream consistence, lays down exactly and without lumps. When drawing in one layer the natural make-up turns out, bigger volume requires 2-3 layers. Is removed special means without stains. The make-up isn't showered and the whole day isn't greased.

All hulks pass careful quality control, are hypoallergenic and can be used at hypersensibility of eyes.

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Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

With effect of false eyelashes

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Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

Super length accent

High qualities + the acceptable price = foundation Luxury Avon. How to use the threefold curling iron for hair you look according to the link.

Merits and demerits

The decorative cosmetics from Avon is in great demand, at the expense of the big range and reasonable price. Hulks have also other advantages:

  • The attractive design of bottles, their convenient form provide comfort and good mood in the course of drawing a make-up.
  • Hulks are applied evenly, without forming lumps.
  • Bottles of different series are completed with brushes from fibers or silicone a shchetinok. It is possible to choose a product with the most preferable form, a kind of a brush.
  • For receiving a natural make-up use coloring in one layer. The effect of false eyelashes is possible at a covering of eyelashes 2-3 layers of ink.
  • The make-up keeps until the end of day without fall or spreading.
  • The available cost, opportunity to get the pleasant product at a discount, on the special stock.

It is possible to refer absence of information on structure on some packings of ink to shortcomings. Women with an allergy to a concrete component can get an improper product.

Minuses. If the cosmetics is ordered according to the catalog, obtaining the order it is necessary to wait for some time. The gained effect often doesn't correspond to promises of the producer, means have less expressed action.

Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length


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Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

SuperShock MAX

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Review of the prices and responses

Products of the company Avon extend through catalogs with colourful illustrations and descriptions of products. In some shops there are departments specializing on direct sales of means of this brand.

On different flourishes Avon discounts, additional bonuses are periodically offered upon purchases. But even an overall cost of means available at any budget.

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Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

Mega effects

We will provide the cost of the most popular products in the table:


Price, rub.

Full range


Superlength Accent


MAX supershock


Food and length I Rub




Many girls regularly get the decorative means from Avon having an optimum ratio "the price – quality". Here that they speak:

  • Christina, 18, Tomsk: "A year I use ink of their Luxury series from Avon. Very much the natural effect is pleasant. Eyelashes don't spoil, eyes aren't tired. I wash away micellar water from the first".
  • Ekaterina, 28, Samara: "I tried Superdlin Aktsent's ink and it was pleasantly surprised. Extends eyelashes perfectly, the whole day keeps. Design of a bottle attractive".
Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length

Food and length

Ink Avon for eyelashes: food, division, super length


If you prefer to use inexpensive decorative qualitative cosmetics for eyes of reliable producers, choose hulks from Avon. They can increase the volume, length of eyelashes, to make them fluffy. You won't need to update a make-up during the day, and spend the means saved on purchase for new lipstick of this brand.