Mac mascara

Mac mascara

Many women seek to look stylishly and attractively. The ideal make-up will help with it. The special attention should be paid to expressiveness of a look. For this purpose it is worth using qualitative ink. Production of the Mac company represents interesting options which will pleasantly surprise each lady on court of dandies. Once feature considers also advantages of this cosmetics in more detail.


It is no secret that ink helps to make eyes expressive, attracting and attractive. The cosmetics of Mac won hearts of women. It is possible to carry to the main features of a cosmetic product:

  • High quality. Ink which lets out a known brand, is pleasant to much. She won't be showered during the day, will help you to achieve desirable results. The producer thought over everything to trifles – stylish design, a comfortable brush, optimum structure. You will only enjoy use of cosmetics.
  • Stylish design. At the heart of the concept of firm – laconicism and elegance. Each ink is remarkable these features. The convenient flakonchik can be put in a small ladies' handbag or in a jacket pocket. In due time you will be able always to use production of the company.
  • Optimum structure. Thanks to the optimum structure ink is easily applied by means of easy and easy movements. You will be able to achieve a goal - for example, to give to your hairs length or volume.
  • Convenient brush. Thanks to a comfortable brush you will paint over as much as possible eyelashes, dividing them. This one more additional benefit of cosmetics of this brand.
  • Available cost of goods. Many customers note an optimum ratio of the price and quality. You will be able to get a worthy product at democratic cost - thus without having spent all the family accumulation. Ink of this producer will become favourite cosmetic in your cosmetics bag.
  • It is possible to carry to advantages also that the goods are available to the population. It can be got in any professional shop. Thus before purchase commission surely check goods. Look, whether the flakonchik is tight, whether there are no defects there. If everything is all right, it is possible to get this product.
  • Excellent mood. Mac ink will help you to create not only an attractive look, but also excellent mood. You will feel delighted looks of passersby, you will become more self-assured - and it means that all affairs will be given quicker and easier. Ink can create a positive spirit for the whole day.


Many consumers choose production of this company. The Mac mascara will be irreplaceable in your cosmetics bag. Any model quite convenient and comfortable. It can be taken with herself, having put in a ladies' handbag or in a jacket pocket. The creative and stylish design of production draws attention. The optimum consistence will allow to achieve goals quickly. Special brushes allow not only to divide eyelashes, but also to tighten up them.


It should be noted that the structure of production of Mac differs in that there natural substances which help to look after your eyelashes enter. Silicone ink contains silicone with which each scale of a hair is filled. Palm-oil, oil jojoba are a part. They effectively moisten hairs. You receive not only an effective look, but also active care of eyelashes.


Among a set of types of a product is waterproof, extending, color extinguish also many others. It should be noted that moisture-proof ink is very convenient in everyday life. You will be able to pick up that option which will suit you. Being going to go to shop, in advance decide on what effect you want to achieve.

Firm lines

At a goods choice many girls experience difficulties, without knowing, what ink to pick up for the eyes. It should be taken into account the main lines of firm:

  • "False Lash Effect". The option given "Lashes" will help to create incredibly long eyelashes, to extend them, to give an expressive bend and volume. After drawing means will seem that the eyelashes increased. Thus each hair will be separated from each other. The special cream formula will emphasize beauty of eyelashes. You will be able quickly and effectively to make your eyes more expressive.

As for a brush, it is created in classical style. Comfortable and convenient, it paints over all hairs, transferring them a resistant pigment. It is possible to allocate various shades of ink of this line. The extreme-black option which formula has a saturated-black pigment is separately allocated. So you will be able to emphasize all depth of the look.

  • "Waterproof Mascara". This option is urged to create dense and long eyelashes. They will look, as consignment notes. This cosmetic waterproof. It will successfully cope with various tests. By means of easy movements, at one stroke brushes you receive magnificent eyelashes. Thanks to an intensive formula on a surface of hairs the dense covering is formed. Ink doesn't stick together, doesn't form lumps. Means and the firmness differs. The substance won't be showered or smeared. You will be concentrated only on the affairs.
  • "Mineralize Multi". At the heart of composition of ink - 77 useful minerals. They are responsible for growth and strengthening. You not only will make the look more expressive, but also you will actively look after hairs. It is possible to refer creation of improbable length, and also resistant color to advantages of this cosmetic product. Means will keep the whole day - till 12 o'clock. The special soft brush will delicately tighten up eyelashes and to paint over them. Thus hairs will be soft, flexible and expressive.
  • "Haute Naughty". The first that draws attention in this means – its bright design. It will please many women of fashion. Flakonchik is executed in black color which passes into a bright pink shade on the brush handle. The pink part is added with elegant spangles. But it not the only advantage of a product. In a tube there is a special made narrower opening. If you want to receive a big opening, it is worth turning off a pink lid. Such option will be useful at creation of additional volume. Passing through narrow walls of a flakonchik, the brush with ink will be able to make eyelashes the longest.

You will be able to change style every day, creating new images. Thanks to an easy formula the structure will perfectly lay down on hairs, will make them fluffy. The product can be got in black and brown options.

  • "Caitlyn Jenner". This option will help to create an ideal shape of eyelashes. You will enjoy length, volume, and also the tightened-up hairs. Your look will become unique and bewitching. Also that it can be put with several layers belongs to features of means. Ink doesn't roll down and isn't showered. Thanks to a convenient curved brush you will evenly distribute substance. To receive the best results, it is worth putting means from roots to tips.
  • "Extended Play Gigablack". This cosmetic product perfectly will help to divide and paint eyelashes. You will be able to create the volume and an attractive bend thanks to a new formula of coal-black ink. The faultless make-up will keep till 16 o'clock. You will be able to remove with ease means by means of warm water. The special brush raises each eyelash, giving a saturated shade. You will be able to emphasize expressiveness of the eyes, to make them even more attractive.
  • "Mariah Carey". This option is issued in original, very attractive design. Production together with the famous singer Mariah Carey is developed. Ink possesses a silicone brush, perfectly combs eyelashes and tightens up them. Means is evenly distributed on hairs. It should be noted that this means hypoallergenic. It will be suitable even for sensitive eyes. Thanks to one wave of a brush you receive an open speaking glance.
  • "Upward Volume Instantane". This model is necessary for giving of impressive volume for only a few seconds. Eyelashes will be not only magnificent, but also long, tightened up. Thanks to a special brush which in the center has a special tank for the painting pigment, you will be able to execute a make-up simply and easily. By means of the truncated silicone bristles of an eyelash will be picked up at a root, to be painted over to the tips. You will be able to create a beautiful and inviting look. As for a means case, it is executed in black opaque color. Inside there is an optimum texture which can be caused on hairs easily. The substance will be evenly distributed on each eyelash.
  • "Instacurl". Also this ink has attractive design. In this option classical black color passes into a bright yellow solar shade. Thanks to a curved brush you will be able to paint over eyelashes from an eye, external to an internal corner. Thus in the course of causing substance there will be a podkruchivaniye of hairs. As a result you receive long and volume eyelashes. It should be noted that this ink is safe for those ladies who carry contact lenses. The product isn't showered, keeps long enough.
  • "Selena". This product is devoted to memory of the singer Selena Kintanilya. The bright design of a flakonchik is remarkable. It is created in violet-lilac flowers. The cosmetic product is capable to give volume. You receive the necessary length, you will create a beautiful bend. Thanks to a saturated black pigment you will be able to emphasize all depth and appeal of a look. The brush perfectly distributes substance on all length of hairs, without leaving lumps.
  • "Ellie Goulding". This option has optimum cream texture. It is possible to apply it easily and conveniently on hairs. The easy consistence provides visible lengthening. Each hair will become covered by the most saturated pigment.
  • "Brooke Candy". It is option will help to create improbable volume, at the same time without making heavier an eyelash. You will be able to create a mysterious hypnotic look. With this ink it is possible to create both a daily, and festive image.
  • "Fresh". This option will help to create a bright stylish make-up with effect of false eyelashes. You don't need to resort more to cosmetic procedure to possess a speaking glance. It is enough to get this model.
  • "Warp Length". Thanks to a "clever" formula of a product ink will be arranged under your requirements. The special brush by means of which it is possible to achieve an ideal prokrashivaniye also will help with it.
  • "In Extreme Dimension". Originality of this model consists in an unusual fluffy brush which has silicone shchetinka. They help to comb softly and carefully hairs, dividing them. You will be able to create improbable volume. This means will help to look after hairs actively. You receive an ideal make-up. Forget about lumps, falls of a product. Firmness of model – at height.
  • "Vamplify". This option will help you to find the bewitching look. Ink perfectly extends eyelashes and increases their volume. The saturated black shade will make your eyes very expressive.

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

It is worth remembering: if you felt a pungent unpleasant smell or discomfort in eyes, means can't be used. Perhaps, it is a fake. You look attentively at tightness of a flakonchik, lack of deformations. Buy goods only in specialized shops. Then you will be able to avoid negative consequences.


Most often ladies estimate high quality of products. It is pleasant to women that for one wave they reach the necessary length, volume and beauty. Please all and special brushes which divide hairs. Women note also firmness of the products Mac.

- the leading makeup artist of MAC will show in the following video how to give to eyelashes a beautiful bend and improbable volume by means of two different flourishes.