Revlon ink

Revlon ink

Long volume eyelashes and speaking glance - dream of each woman. The nature allocated however not each with a dense frame of eyes therefore many women resort to the help of cosmetic products. It is about mascara. The good and qualitative product is capable to turn one movement short eyelashes in long and fluffy, having given to eyes expressiveness, clarity and an attractive look.

One of the most popular companies on production of decorative cosmetics is the Revlon company. This brand already managed to prove as the producer of qualitative production at the democratic prices. The Revlon mascara managed to collect a huge number of positive responses from customers of the whole world, and it speaks not only about popularity of a brand, but also about quality of its production.

About a brand

The Revlon brand was founded in 1932 by Charles Revson, the native of Canada who moved with a family to the USA. Still being the graduate of school Charles earned additionally at factory on tailoring and began to understand not only fashion subtleties, but also could give a practical advice concerning increase of sales and advertizing. Unfortunately, enterprise of the young man wasn't estimated and in seven years of work him dismiss. The guy didn't begin to despair and got a job on the factory making nail varnishes.

On this place of work he understands all importance of a great demand on cosmetic goods and having accumulated experience, Charles leaves also this place to open own business. Together with the friend, the chemist by training, the young man begins creation of special, color nail varnishes with bigger firmness. The product caused huge approval from the girls and women tired of constantly growing bare manicure and made huge success, and due to the lack of analogs the company began to earn millions.

Later the range started extending and Revlon started letting out lipstick, powder, blush and other cosmetics. Charles Revson created fashion for identical color of nails and lipstick. Up to today it was one of the main rules. With expansion of the range also the quantity of points of sales of products began to extend. Presently the brand is considered one of cosmetic giants, and the goods can be acquired in the countries worldwide.

Features and advantages

Eyelash Revlon mascara not for nothing became one of favourite means of many girls. The accurate and nice bottle doesn't take a lot of place in a handbag, and externally looks very attractively. Some types of convenient brushes for drawing promote creation of different effects depending on from mission. The product perfectly condenses eyelashes, gives them the volume and length, and also perfectly allocates eyes.

It should be noted that the company adheres to old traditions and classical style therefore continues to let out a product in black and brown color. Means is easily put, being evenly distributed on all length and giving to eyelashes density. Important and that ink very resistant, it isn't showered and keeps till 12 o'clock.


The Revlon brand lets out six various products for eyelashes.

  • Volume All in One. This product possesses five main properties and gives to eyelashes length, volume, carefully divides them, raises, giving bright and saturated color. Means accurately covers each eyelash separately, and the new oval brush facilitates drawing process.
  • Ultra Volume. Gives to eyelashes unknown volume. They become dense and fluffy. The special formula does a consistence of the most optimum for uniform drawing and prevents emergence of lumps. The brush with a special bristle provides easy combing of hair.
  • Super Length. From the name at once it is visible that this means gives to eyelashes improbable length. The convenient brush allows to apply ink from roots to the tips. Long become even longer, and short get additional length.
  • Volume Length Magnified. Means "2 in 1". It both extends hairs, and gives them more than a volume. The special square brush allows to paint over everyone, even the most imperceptible hair.
  • Dramatic Definition. This ink perfectly copes with division of eyelashes that provides lack of lumps. Eyelashes become fluffy and the impression of a fan is made.
  • Growlucious. This means on a bottle differs from others. If hulks of the Mascara line have a little rounded off form, this product - cylindrical. Green ink not only gives length and volume, but also and provides the improved growth of hairs.

How to choose?

Before buying Mascara Revlon ink, it is necessary to be defined at first, for what result you wait from this or that means. As it was already told above, each product has the unique properties. Girls with volume, but short eyelashes perfectly will suit the extending ink, long, but rare - giving volume.

If it is difficult to you to decide on a choice, ink with five All in One properties which will extend is recommended to you to purchase, and raises eyelashes, and also will give them density.

Feature should consider also faces. For example makeup artists advise girls with close put eyes to get the extending ink. With a round face means, giving to hairs volume is recommended to ladies. If you want to allocate as much as possible eyes and to divide eyelashes, you will suit Mascara Dramatic Definition.

It is worth choosing and proceeding from a type of a brush for drawing a product. For example the goods of Ultimate All in One have a brush of an oval form with a condensation in the middle that helps to apply ink on all length evenly. The brush of Revlon Ultra Volume has densely put fibers of different length which promote liftingovy effect and giving of additional volume. Super Length gives unknown length thanks to the helicoid brush in the form of a cone.

How to delete ink?

Removal of ink, especially waterproof, difficult business. After all ordinary water you won't erase it, it is possible to razdrazhit strongly skin of eyelids and thus to remain similar to a panda. There are some ways of trouble-free removal of a make-up of eyes.

The first consists in use of pharmaceutical oils which not only with ease will cope with a task, but also will moisten skin, and also will saturate roots of eyelashes with necessary vitamins that will promote their growth. Coconut, olive and peach oils are the most suitable. Some drops are applied on a wadded disk which it is necessary to leave on eyelashes for twenty seconds, and then accurately to erase cosmetics.

The second way means purchase of special products for removal of a waterproof make-up. It can be gel, a milk, lotion or micellar water. It is enough to apply a little liquid on a wadded disk and to carry out them on eyelashes, having a little detained. Ink will easily descend.

The wet towel wipes impregnated with the special liquid which is easily removing a make-up also will be suitable for removal of ink from eyelashes. One more product is means on an oil basis.


Reviews of original cosmetics of Revlon positive. Hulks of this company perfectly extend eyelashes and give them volume. Possibility of a choice of properties of products, and also their democratic prices pleases. Girls delighted with the eyelashes after putting ink of this brand. And that is important, total absence of the unpleasant lumps formed on eyelashes is noted in many responses. Pleases girls and firmness of flourishes which sometimes reaches till 12 o'clock.

In this video - three images which can be created by means of flourishes Revlon.