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Masks for growth of hair in house conditions. Recipes

From time immemorial women dream to have beautiful and dense ringlets which can be laid in a smart hairdress. After all hair are a pride of the woman. Trying to achieve the objectives, lovely ladies buy up a set of the advertized means, but not always they bring desirable result. And after all the mother nature presented to mankind the mass of valuable materials which with ease will help to grow hair independently. On the site %host of % effective recipes of masks are provided for growth of hair which are easy for preparing in house conditions.

 Masks for growth of hair in house conditions. Recipes

The correct application – the key to success

The masks prepared in house conditions on national recipes make positive impact on ringlets, and sometimes, the effect from their application is much better, than from store cosmetics. But that the house recipe influenced growth of hair, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules:

  • in accuracy to observe the recommended mix time spent for the head, differently the effect can be unpredictable – it can not only help hair, but also do much harm them;
  • shows consideration for internal feelings – from an allergy nobody is insured, and it can develop on any making house means. For example, honey and eggs quite often become the reason of allergic reaction therefore the mask with these products, for a start, needs to be tested on an imperceptible site. In the absence of the negative moments, mix can be applied on indumentum. Too most concerns also "burning" components - pepper, mustard. Them it is quite possible to get burn.
  • it is necessary to apply house masks courses – at each separate recipe the term before achievement of result. Single application of due effect won't render;
  • starting use of house means, it is necessary to develop a complex of application of various masks – one recipe will make impact, but alternation of several won't keep waiting for emergence of a positive effect.

Listening to councils, it is possible to receive strong and healthy hair. And the effect of acceleration of growth will be swept up after only several days of use of folk remedies.Masks for growth of hair in house conditions. Recipes Effect from house masks

The recipe with Mustard Effect mustard

Dry mustard promotes warming up of head skin therefore there is an influence on hair bulbs. Such effect positively affects growth of hair.

Are necessary for "Mustard effect":

  • mustard powder – 1,5 Art. of l;
  • hot water – 2 Art. of l;
  • yolk of one egg;
  • couple of tablespoons of any basic oil (burdock, almond, kastorovy, coconut);
  • sugar – 1 tbsp.

Preparation doesn't cause difficulties: powder should be mixed with a yolk, then in mix to pour in the remained ingredients. Sugar deserves separate attention – its quantity regulates burning of means. The more sweets, the are "more evil" a mask. Therefore to add this making follows, proceeding from individual sensitivity of head skin.

It is necessary to apply mix only on hair partings – to mention length and tips extremely it isn't recommended. For the best effect it is possible to cover the head with a film or a package. From above – a towel. Mix keeping duration – not less than 15 minutes, and further whenever possible. If means is intolerable burns down, it is better to wash away it. If it is tolerant, it is recommended to sustain more than half an hour. We wash away shampoo.

Application frequency – once in seven days.

 Masks for growth of hair in house conditions. Recipes

The recipe with Pepper Accelerator pepper

Red pepper is known in cosmetology, thanks to the properties warming and accelerating blood circulation long ago: using it it is possible to grow beautiful hair to 5 centimeters in one and a half months.

Acceleration of growth of hair will be caused by the following structure:

  • pepper red ground – one part;
  • honey – four parts.

Ingredients to mix and rub in clean head skin. To cover polyethylene and a towel. Mask duration – half an hour. At emergence of unpleasant and strongly burning feelings, means needs to be removed. It is better to wash away simple warm water without shampoo use.

The result won't keep itself waiting if to apply a pepper mask twice a week.

The recipe with burdock oil "Burdock Miracle"

Growth of hair is influenced positively by various oils, but burdock is an oil number one in care of hair.

For a mask, in identical proportions, will be necessary:

  • oil burdock;
  • onions juice;
  • children's liquid soap;
  • honey.

Components to mix and turn into homogeneous mass. The received means to apply on head skin and on hair on all length. To cover a package and a towel. It is necessary to hold a mask not less than an hour, and it is twice better more long. It is necessary to wash out hair without shampoo use.

Ladies who worry concerning the onions aroma proceeding from hair can use a lemon water for rinsing (lemon juice is added to the last water for rinsing).

The recipe with dimeksidy "Dimeksidnaya"

Dimetilsulfatoksid promotes permeability of a skin membrane, that is is a peculiar conveyor of components of house masks. Thanks to it, hair bulbs receive more nutrients. Blood circulation in head skin amplifies that promotes the accelerated growth of hair.

Dimeksid is purely capable to cause burns therefore it always should be diluted with water in a proportion 1:3.

Means with addition of a dimeksid need to be applied only on the washed-up and dry hair.

For a house mask, in equal parts, will be required:

  • divorced dimeksid;
  • sea-buckthorn oil.

The pharmaceutical preparation should be heated evenly on a water bath. To add to it oil of a sea-buckthorn and carefully to mix. To distribute the received structure on all head and hair. From above to cover with a film and to wrap up with a towel. About one hour is recommended to hold a mask. Washing out hair, it is possible to use shampoo.

The medical course consists of 10 procedures. Everyone is carried out not more often than once a week.

Masks for growth of hair in house conditions. Recipes

Barmy mask

Yeast possesses the mass of merits, and for a long time proved in care of hair. Possessing rich structure (vitamins B, To, E, the tregaloza and methionine), a product helps to return to hair force, gloss, elasticity and to accelerate their growth.

It is better to apply live yeast to house masks, but at their absence also the dry will approach.

The following products will be necessary:

  • yeast – 1 Art. of l;
  • protein of one egg.

It is necessary to beat egg white to foam and accurately to implicate in it yeast. The received means to apply on the head, carefully to massage. To cover a package and a towel. To leave on hair for 60 minutes. It is better to wash away with shampoo use.

The mask is applied one-two times in seven days. Duration of a course is not less than six weeks.

Honey and cinnamon mask

Cinnamon promotes strengthening of hair, and also loads hair with necessary forces for the accelerated growth. But, being going to use it, it is necessary to remember that cinnamon promotes clarification of locks. Therefore blondes have nothing to worry, and brunettes and brown-haired women shouldn't exceed the mask time spent for hair (if there is no desire a little to change a shade).

For preparation it is necessary to take:

  • ground cinnamon – 1 Art. of l;
  • honey – 1 Art. of l;
  • basic oil – 1 Art. of l;
  • protein of one egg.

For a start it is necessary to beat egg white, and subsequently to add to it other ingredients. To move to a uniform state. It is recommended to apply means on all length of hair and on head skin. Further, to create greenhouse effect – a package and a towel. It is possible to leave a mask to work of 30 minutes and up to three hours. At washing off of means, if necessary, it is possible to use shampoo.

Duration of a course equals to one month, on condition of use of means once a week.

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