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Materials for eyelash extension of Vivienne

1 Specifics of care of eyes

The well-known statement the beauty will save the world, probably, actually at all times even if many aspects of ideality can achieve by means of artificial additions. Today there is nothing surprising in extension hair or eyelashes, many even agree to difficult plastic surgeries if only to bring in themselves beautiful changes. Having walked down the street, now it is possible to meet, probably, every third girl with artificial eyelashes. Why is also not present?

Materials for eyelash extension of Vivienne

If it beautifully and moderately supplements its image. Really, eyes as a window to the soul of the person, and many young beauties want to make them more more expressively. Of course, if you pick up good stuff for the peephole, both quality, and appearance will be estimated by people around for all 100%. Our today's work will tell you about qualitative types of eyelashes from Vivienne firm.

2 Products of the Vivienne brand

Today the Vivienne company is the largest world brand on release and sale of production of leshmeyker. The range of goods is very many-sided, and each buyer will surely pick up for himself the best and qualitative production. When developing the cosmetics of Vivienne considers all directions of fashion and the present, means are made according to development of the best masters and professionals. A main goal of the company is to help society to be around the world beautiful and happy to the tips of eyelashes.

Materials for eyelash extension of Vivienne

It is known that eyelash extension process rather long and labor-consuming, on time it borrows from 2 to 3 hours. Owners of a beautiful look need to understand that such procedure as building, difficult, and will make it correctly and beautifully only the professional. Processing of eyes will be the very first stage in preparation of eyelashes for building. The master will remove ink from your eyelashes and special solution will walk on eyelashes. Vivienne's firm represents also types of obezzhirivatel which exist in a jar and with a brush worth about 20 USD. Further the master examines a scope of work and discusses with the client, what eyelashes that wants. Possibility of building can allow about 500 eyelashes on one eye. Then it is necessary to impose a collagenic small pillow on a lower eyelid and it is possible to get to work.

3 How to choose material

We will pass to consideration of the range of eyelashes from Vivienne, we will in detail study types of goods, their quality and cost:

  1. Black vivienne-eyelashes possess hypoallergenic monofibre, in structure there is a silicone, at the expense of it production very beautifully looks and has an elastic and glossy appearance. Is on sale in palettes till 16-20 of lines or in round jars. The range of length in millimeters from 8 to 13. Among production of this type it is possible to pick up both ultrathin fibers, and more elite sizes. Cost in Russia one palette - 40 USD.
  2. Color fibers are also on sale in palettes. It is possible to pick up "A color mix", "Lagoon" (in it all colors of a rainbow for eyelashes are presented). There are more budgetary options for a change. There are color fibers of one shade on a tape, can be white, lemon, violet, blue, garnet, pink color. Eyelashes are on sale both on a tape, and for separate building. Are packaged in jars in bulk or in palettes.
  3. The brown fibers presented by Vivienne firm, today in wide assortment. Among them it is possible to pick up materials from light brown coloring to a dark and chocolate palette. Production is issued on a tape and in bulk in transparent jars. Quality of fibers the best, they have a glossy covering, are elastic at a touch. Production comes from monofibre. Color structure evenly identical on all length of a hair. When carrying such goods you won't even feel them as they have practically no weight.

4 we Select glue

In addition good master for eyelash extension needs to pick up qualitative glue. It is always better to select a glue basis under a look and brand of fibers. Glue for eyelashes from Vivienne possesses elastic properties, doesn't form lumps, when drawing on eyelashes it quickly grabs, it needs fractions of a second. And the main quality of production is firmness, it is possible to carry eyelashes about 6 weeks, your glue will cope with it without effort. The range of the last is presented in the forms:

  1. Glue from Vivienne Elite the hypoallergenic has all best properties for work of the professional master. Simply to make building by such goods the dream: work speed 0,5-1 second. The master needs to act it is very skilled and quickly. A consistence liquid, elasticity average, it is possible to use for poresnichny and volume building. Color of glue the black. Cost is 100 USD.
  2. The glue structure of Bomb is developed for professionals of the business, it possesses very fast qualities of pasting. It is used for volume and poresnichny building. Possesses hypoallergenic properties. Time for a hitch - 2 seconds. The composition of glue very liquid, thanks to it is enough it for long time. Color black, maintains to a sock of eyelashes of 6 weeks. Cost is 50 USD.
  3. Vivienne Expert glue is made on the basis of Elite. Possesses hypoallergenic properties. The instant hitch isn't present, but pasting fast. The structure of production is plastic if when building hairs stick together, they will be easy to be uncoupled. A consistence has more viscous, apply it to poresnichny gluing. Is suitable for use by the beginning masters. Speed in work - 2 seconds, the period socks - 5 weeks. Color of glue the black. Cost - 44 USD.

Materials for eyelash extension of Vivienne

The master for building should remember obligatory rules during the work with glue: before beginning use, it is necessary to trot a small bottle within 1 minute. After you put 1 drop, it is necessary to wipe a nose of a small bottle and to twist a cover. Before starting dipping artificial fiber in glue, it is necessary to allocate a natural eyelash. Only then to attach artificial to the real. Clay needs to store in a cool place, to avoid hit of light, excessive cooling and warmth.

After a choice of hairs and glue weight the professional master of eyelash extension begins accurate, very delicate work on gluing of eyelashes and creation of the opened accurate image of a look. After gluing of eyelashes collagenic small pillows are removed and the client estimates work.

The increased eyelashes from Vivienne also need the correct leaving, after procedure the first hours can't be moistened them with water, it is forbidden to rub eyes, it isn't recommended to sleep-faced in a pillow. If you like to visit a bath or a sauna, it is necessary to consider that the increased hairs are an artificial material and they can be deformed under the influence of steam and high temperature. When there is a removal of a make-up, delete with accurately thin Q-tip it, without affecting eyelashes. And one more rule is that it is impossible to cry! The Vivienne company for additional strengthening let out the conditioning agents behind the increased and natural eyelashes, we will consider them:

  • the fixer nutritious (27 USD) - should be applied it on roots of hairs and to the middle, it prolongs the term of carrying fibers, in a complex feeds and protects natural eyelashes, has a gel appearance;
  • gel fixer (24 USD) - it can use both the master during correction, and the client. Means is applied on roots once a week that gives to eyelashes an equal look and glossy beautiful appearance.

Surely after building you go to correction once a month, at cost it concedes to initial procedure, and the leshmeyker will straighten fibers and will make your look accurate and sure.

If you want to have a beautiful look, choose only qualitative material which won't do harm neither to you, nor your eyelashes for the eyelashes.

A lot of things depend on the master in building of fibers, as work this difficult and laborious. Pick up for yourself good beauty shop where to you will execute such procedure qualitatively and for long time. Use only the best from Vivienne.