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Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices

Purely technically removal of undesirable hair from body skin at men and at women differs in nothing. And here motives at men to get rid of vegetation on a body most often absolutely others.

Moreover, most often men should overcome resistance and condemnation of those who reads out removal of hair from a body as occupation reprehensible and unworthy.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices

So, what motives most often induce men to agree to an epilation:

  • as a rule, most often in skin of a body those to whom is depilate what to show: young people and people of advanced age who play sports and try to emphasize a relief of muscles;
  • removal of hair in intimate area does a penis and a scrotum visually more, especially at first after procedure as hair hide the basis of a penis and it looks less in comparison with small eggs to which additional volume is given by magnificent vegetation;
  • men of any age who want to diversify the sexual life;
  • those who considers care of skin without excess vegetation easier, and lack of hair more hygienic, wants to get rid of such manifestations of excess perspiration as damp spots on a shirt in the field of axillary hollows, on a back;
  • professional need: the position is higher, the competition therefore attractive appearance and an ukhozhennost too start mattering is higher;
  • also men can depilate in case of constant irritation from the razor or means for shaving, pustulous diseases of skin which prevent to have a shave normally and purely.
Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices Photo: depilation by wax
  1. The Shugaring or removal of hair sugar paste is suitable for who has an allergy to the components which are a part of wax or to whom use of hot wax brings discomfort due to its high temperature.
  2. Vaksing or removal of hair wax – universal procedure with which many begin acquaintance to depilation. Wax perfectly copes with a hard and thick hair on a body at men.
  3. Use of an electroepilator is the budgetary option, however painful, and isn't suitable for a number of zones of a body.
  4. Removal of hair special creams can quite be used by men as it is the least painful method of disposal of undesirable vegetation, but it lasts not for a long time, for about 5-6 days.

If women like to experiment and try removal of hair wax, then a shugaring, then an epilator, men prefer to do depilation by wax in salon more often or to invite the expert to the house. The most skilled seize skill of removal of hair wax strips, most often for area of armpits over time. The benefit now is wax strips a unisex or developed especially for men.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices Photo: armpits before depilation

Often used types

The epilation of a breast and back is good for those who:

  • likes to play muscles;
  • observance of professional requirements (actors, athletes, cooks);
  • observance of rules of koprorativny culture where requirements to appearance are high;
  • it is inclined to the increased sweating, especially in summertime.
Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices Photo: before and after an epilation on a back
  1. The epilation of armpits allows to look tidy and to reduce probability of emergence of a smell of sweat and damp spots on clothes.
  2. Removal of hair in the person (giving of a form to eyebrows, epilation of area of cheeks, chin, upper lip) helps to correct appearance.
  3. The epilation of intimate area adds to the man of confidence in the irresistibility and serves for the hygienic purposes.
For depilation of skin of a breast, a back, hands and feet at men it is best of all to use warm wax with strips or hot wax. Usually to anesthetize the specified areas there is no need.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices Removal of undesirable hair in a zone of bikini can be different depth. Often men order bikini design or performance of an intimate hairstyle.

Usually for anesthesia of procedure Emla cream in number of 5 ml if removal of hair only in the field of a pubis and the basis of a penis, 10 ml if it is planned to carry out total removal of hair in a crotch including in a fold between buttocks is carried out is used.

The anesthetizing cream is applied on skin and closed from above by a tight bandage. For this purpose it is possible to use usual food wrap of which form something like swimming trunks.

The ends can be recorded an adhesive plaster. The Okklyuzionny bandage is left on skin for 15-30 minutes. The analgesic effect of cream at such way of use lasts about an hour that is quite enough for carrying out procedure.

The man's epilation of intimate places can be carried out as with removal of hair from scrotum skin, and without it. In certain cases hair on skin of small eggs have hair cut shortly the machine for a hairstyle. In a mezhjyagodichny fold are depilated at the request of the man.

Some men prefer to leave a site of hair on a pubis, giving certain outlines. Hair can have hair cut there, and can be left in an original form. The part of masters prefers to carry out procedure of depilation of deep bikini with use of a condom.

The others simply ask the man to help them during procedure. Especially such help is actual during removal of hair from a scrotum when it is necessary to pull skin properly. Are depilated in intimate area always only by hot wax.

Video: Depilation by wax the man's


  • varicosity in a place of alleged carrying out procedure;
  • damage of integrity of skin to a depilation venue (grazes, cuts, raschesa);
  • existence of an inflammation on skin, irrespective of the reason which could cause this inflammation;
  • viral, fungal and bacterial diseases of skin;
  • diabetes;
  • allergy to components of wax and the cosmetics applied during procedure.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices Painless removal of hair in intimate places became possible with application of modern laser technologies. We recommend to read article a laser epilation of a zone of deep bikini.

The laser epilation of the person and body has the most positive responses today. Oznakomtesx is more detailed here.

Preparation for procedure

For a start it is necessary to allow to hair grow at such length that they could be taken and pulled out, these are about 5-6 mm. It is better to register in procedure for a while in the late afternoon as at this time the pain threshold is highest, and also there is an opportunity to go at once home that reduces risk of irritation from friction of the injured skin about clothes.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices

If you plan to do depilation for the first time, elect the skilled master as degree of morbidity of procedure depends on skills and abilities of the master. Each subsequent procedure will be less painful. One days prior to depilation it is desirable to use a soft srub to facilitate removal of hair.

Care of skin after removal of hair

In the first days after procedure it isn't recommended to rub skin, therefore:

  • it is better to come to procedure in soft cotton linen which doesn't fit a body;
  • to do procedure in the evening to avoid rubbing of skin in a depilation place clothes;
  • to take a shower without use of a bast.

In the first 6-10 hours after procedure you shouldn't kill skin.

Within 3-5 days it isn't necessary to take a hot bath, to visit a sauna or a bath as heat can strengthen degree of expressiveness of an inflammation after depilation. It is better to take a cool shower.

For 5-6 day it is possible to start using a srub or special lotion against growing of hair.

How to reduce a skin inflammation?

  • for processing of skin after procedure it is possible to use Hlorgeksidin, Aktovegin, Solkoseril, alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen for reduction of expressiveness of red points and prevention of emergence of pustulous rash;
  • ready body cream with a calendula, a camomile, an aloe;
  • the prepared independently calming cream from usual cream or body lotion to which add aloe juice from a window sill or oil of a tea tree which can be bought in a drugstore.

Video: Man's epilation

Consequences of the wrong care of skin

  • procedure is painful, and pain can be both sharp during the procedure, and insignificant burning after its termination within 1-2 hours;
  • irritation of skin in the form of red points on a place of remote hair which can remain from several hours to several days after procedure;
  • the oblamyvaniye of hair at an exit from the mouth of a hair follicle (at the level of skin) instead of removal happens to a root at violation of technology of performance of procedure and gives rapid growth of hair, often for the second or third day after depilation;
  • grazes and hematomas happen in places to gentle thin skin if don't pull skin and don't fix properly during removal of hair;
  • growing of hair if not to use a srub or special lotion for care of skin after depilation;
  • pustulous rash in a place of removal of hair.

The cost of procedures of depilation for men is usually higher as the hair at them is more, they thicker also settle down in skin more deeply. From here bigger quantity of expendables on one procedure and big expenses of time.

Also it is necessary to consider that fact that in most cases and the area of skin with which it is necessary to depilate, much more, than at women.

For example, the prices of intimate depilation at men can be higher due to need to depilate also from buttocks. At women depilation of buttocks is carried out extremely seldom.

AreaRemoval of hair wax at menRemoval of hair wax at women
Hands completely34 USD27 USD
Shins40 USD27 USD
Hips40 USD27 USD
Feet completely67 USD44 USD
Axillary hollows24 USD17 USD
Bikini classical117 USD24 USD
Bikini deep67 USD54 USD
Buttocks27 USD-
Stomach27 USD14 USD
Back34 USD-
Breast27 USD7 USD
The serum (which is slowing down growth of hair)7 USD7 USD

Whether it is possible to relieve forever?

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices At first, when only just you pass from continuous shaving to removal of hair with wax, you lighten. But eventually wax becomes routine therefore many start being interested in ways of radical removal of hair if not for the rest of life, at least for years.

Now the epilation for men already stopped being exotic procedure. As the staff of some salons, men among all clients who come to procedures of hardware removal of hair, about 40% speak.

Except obvious convenience there are some more reasons why men choose ways of long-term disposal of undesirable hair:

  • discomfort from the grown hair;
  • the remaining irritation on skin after a vaksing is long;
  • discomfort from need to grow hair to the necessary are long for carrying out the next procedure;
  • allergy to wax or cosmetics for wax depilation.
The man's epilation can differ from female in the used modes of devices and number of the procedures necessary for full disposal of hair. It is connected by that skin of the man is thicker, and hair follicles, as a rule, lie at a bigger depth.

Influence of the laser of Elos

The Elos technology likely is better than others is suitable for men as a combination of laser influence to influence of electromagnetic waves gives the most expressed effect on rather deep water of skin, without damaging its top layers. The photoepilation is also in demand for its ability to strengthen synthesis of collagen and elastin in skin along with removal of hair and thus to promote extension of youth of skin for men.

Laser epilation at men the most popular. The laser carry out a back epilation, depilate in a groin, get rid of undesirable vegetation from a face and a neck. One of the most modern methods of an epilation at the moment is the Qool-epilation for men.

Also this way is called "a cold laser epilation" because during impact of the laser on a hair skin doesn't heat up and isn't injured. Respectively, there are less pain, good effect of removal light, gray-haired and the pushkovykh of hair. It is carried out Cool - an epilation on any of body zones. Efficiency of procedures at men is more often above, than at women. It is connected by that men have hair more rigid and dark. And such hair are affected much more strongly.

The epilation of small eggs and area of a crotch, the person can be painful therefore before procedure will be not superfluous to use the anesthetizing preparations.

If carrying out a laser epilation of the person is supposed, the anesthetizing preparation is applied on skin only in those areas where removal of hair, for example, is planned for skin round eyebrows or over an upper lip in moustaches.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices The Aleksandritovy laser won huge popularity at cosmetologists of the whole world. About it you can read everything in article a laser epilation the aleksandritovy laser.

Besides a laser epilation which over the past few years became very popular, in an arsenal of modern cosmetologists there was a set of systems for a photoepilation. That it is better: laser epilation or photoepilation? Follow the link and learn.

Permanent removal of hair

It is possible to refer to contraindications of this procedure:

  • fresh suntan, especially in case intensity of suntan the considerable;
  • peelings, microdermabrasion and other procedures, travmatichny for skin, less than in 3 weeks prior to an epilation;
  • administration of drugs which promote increase of sensitivity of skin to light;
  • existence pushkovykh, very fair or gray hair;
  • epilepsy;
  • oncology;
  • rash on skin;
  • psoriasis, neurodermatitis;
  • existence of diseases of connecting fabric, diseases of blood, autoimmune processes in an orgnizm;
  • diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes.

For Elos of an epilation in addition there are such contraindications, as:

  • carrying the hearing aid and pacemaker;
  • existence of metal pins, spokes, piercing in a procedure venue.


If you started doing an epilation, it is impossible to pull out or out hair more by no means as traumatizing a hair bulb can provoke the compensatory growth of hair and will bring effect from procedure to naught.

In two weeks prior to procedure it is necessary to start using sun-protection means and whenever possible to reduce the stay by the sun. This rule works for any kind of permanent removal of hair as dark skin color significantly reduces effect of procedure and increases risk of development of such side effects as pigmentation.

In a day - two before procedure it is necessary to shave hair in a place of alleged carrying out an epilation.

Care of male skin after carrying out procedure

  • within two weeks it is necessary to use sun-protection means;
  • two-three weeks after procedure it is worth abstaining from carrying out the enzimnykh of peelings, uses of srubs, aggressive cosmetics with alcohol;
  • within days you shouldn't rub skin in an epilation place, to take a hot bath, the cool shower is recommended;
  • it is one week better to exclude hard physical work and sports activities as excess sweating can provoke emergence of pustulous rash;
  • leather after procedure within one-two days needs to be processed pantenoly or other healing means which will be recommended to you by the doctor.

Consequences of permanent removal of hair

  • pain during removal of hair and some time after procedure;
  • burns at the wrong selection of the mode of the device;
  • pustulous rash;
  • emergence of the centers of pigmentation on skin;
  • recurrence of herpes as reaction to injury of skin.

Than carrying out procedure of removal of hair in salon at men and women differs:

  • usually, if on an epilation write down the man, before procedure there is a sufficient stock of time that clients didn't meet with each other, one ambassador of procedure, another having come to salon by the time;
  • the staff of salon is instructed specially that they didn't sound names of procedures to which the client in the hall of salon or on a reception comes;
  • staff of salons doesn't consider removal of undesirable hair at men as something reprehensible simply because in the industry of beauty personal care is an indispensable condition of appeal that for women that for men.

Cost of a man's epilation

Procedure of a laser epilation for zonesCost in rubles
axillary hollows3000-7700
general bikini4000-6600
deep bikini6000-9900
area of nipples1500-3950
male breast7250-9900
decollete areas4500-6350
backs and waists4500-16500
upper lip1400-3200
area between eyebrows1000-4500
feet entirely18000-29700
hands completely7000-19900


Photoepilation cost

Procedure (zones)Cost in rubles
Hip13 000
Bikini deep10 000
Bikini classical7 000
Breast10 000
Shins12 000
Person completely6 000
Feet completely24 500
Armpits2 500
Hands to an elbow4 000
Hands completely8 500
Back15 550
Buttocks6 000


Prices of Elos epilation

Procedure эlos epilationsCost in rubles
short moustaches2400
deep bikini (wives.)8500-9000
deep bikini (husband.)7500
classical bikini4500-6000
hips (wives.)7000
shins (wives.)5000
feet completely (wives.)16400
feet completely (husband.)19000
hips (husband.)10900
shins (husband.)8000
white line of a stomach1400
fingers of hands or feet1800

 The prices of an epilation for men now in the majority of salons same, as well as for women. It is connected with the increasing competition between beauty shops therefore they are interested to attract male clients with both the pleasant prices, and various discounts and actions.

Man's epilation (depilation for men) - intimate places, a back, a groin, persons, ways as becomes, comparison of the prices Whether you know, what today the diode laser is the most effective and safe laser around the world? In more detail about this equipment read in article a diode epilation.

There is a huge number of procedures which are directed on maintenance of beauty. And one of them is wax depilation, that is removal undesirable superfluous, a hair. To read further.

Anesthetizing at depilation can be a miscellaneous. Creams, ointments, sprays and even pricks are for this purpose used. In total about it after it to the address.