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Methods of disposal of the natoptyshy. Trays from the natoptyshy

Methods of disposal of the natoptyshy. Trays from the natoptyshySuch problem as natoptysh will be always actual because in the course of life each person faces it. Their emergence is influenced by a set of factors. The most main is incorrectly picked up narrow or simply inconvenient footwear. Presently there is a mass of ways of disposal of them.

Many go to salons where do them different Spa of procedure, but it is expensive also to much it is too expensive. In present shops abundance of creams, but they generally either are ineffective, or aren't effective in general. In many women's magazines describe the mass of ways of fight against natoptysha in house conditions, in this article the most effective methods are described.

Disposal methods from natoptyshy, trays from the natoptyshy

It is necessary to keep feet in a hot tray 20-30 minutes, after a tray of a foot are rinsed with clear water, the srub, pumice or a brush for a foot is used to clean off the softened skin. After that nutritious foot cream is applied on dry skin.

  1. Soap tray and compress with onions. It is necessary to steam out feet in a soap tray, then to put slices of fresh onions on problem places, to wrap slices of polyethylene and to put on socks. To remove a compress in the morning and to wash up feet. So you repeat three days and the softened natoptysh easily are removed. 
  2. Soap tray and compress with potatoes. I used this way still our grandmothers and considered it as the most effective. Besides to steam out feet and to make a compress, but this time of crude grated potatoes and to wrap up polyethylene. 
  3. Well and the simplest method is a salt tray. With water we add salt to a bowl about one and a half - two spoons on water liter. To hold feet of 20-30 minutes. This method it is necessary to repeat two - three days.
  4. Soap and soda tray from the natoptyshy. To take 5 teaspoons of baking soda, to dissolve in soap hot water on 1 liter and it is possible to steam out legs.
  5. Finally council for those who doesn't want to take for a ride with trays. It truth longer, but too the effective. You take on some drops of essential oils: lemon and lavandovy, you rub every day within a week.