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Natural make-up in school for September 1: photo + video

As always the summer very quickly comes to an end, the last carefree days leave. It is necessary to prepare for school, and also to think over the dress and an image on Knowledge Day on September 1. Today onthe %site %hostwewill offer option of a natural make-up in school for September 1 with step-by-step photos, and also a detailed video lesson. Having armed with this knowledge it is possible to be trained, get the hand and without effort to execute such beautiful make-up.

At a make-up in school there is all a known rule — it has to be not defiant and the most natural, only emphasize natural beauty of eyes and faces.

The basis of a make-up is clean beautiful skin therefore it is always necessary to support its beauty the correct leaving which consists of clarification, a tonizirovaniye and moistening. Cosmetics should be chosen on age with a mark for young skin. As improvement and alignment of tone for young skin it is better to use light powder. She will make skin smooth, complexion equal and will clean a greasy luster.

Make-up of eyes for September 1 step by step

For school it is best of all to choose natural nyudovy scale in beige tones. Such color scale is universal and suits all girls, does eyes expressive.

1. After clarification of skin apply the moisturizing cream and let's it be absorbed well. After light foundation or powder is applied on face skin. Tone has to be the most approximate to natural skin color to avoid rough spots, contrast with color skin of a neck and effect of a mask. Skin of eyelids can also be powdered or put a special primer (base under shadows), so shadows won't roll down.

For a make-up it will be required:

  • Opaque, without spangles and nacre of a shadow of beige-brown color, rather light, practically in tone of skin. It is necessary to approach a choice of color of brown shadows seriously, they shouldn't be dark, dense with a reddish shade. Light beige-brown shadows with gray or pinkish tone will be suitable for young girls — they is underlined youth and will make a look fresh.
  • Opaque shadows of color of an ivory (very light beige) which can be replaced with very light gentle pink;
  • Mascara, is best of all brown. She will make eyelashes longer, dark and natural;

We gather on a brush brown shadows on tone slightly more darkly than skin color and we put them pleated an upper eyelid.

2. Take light shadows of color of an ivory, apply them on an internal corner of an eye and all mobile upper eyelid.

Natural make-up in school for September 1: photo + video

3. A brush or the applicator well shade border of light and brown shadows achieving smooth and soft transition of color.

4. Put light shadows under an eyebrow and also well shade border of brown and light shadows.

Natural make-up in school for September 1: photo + video

Natural make-up in school for September 1: photo + video

Now we apply mascara, we brush eyebrows with a brush. The beautiful easy make-up which will be pertinent at school turns out and will allow to look wonderfully all day.

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