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Oil for growth of eyelashes

Oil for growth of eyelashes

Unfortunately, today very few people can brag of long, dense, strong eyelashes. Therefore many ladies resort to artificial receptions – increase, twist, paint. However such options for expressiveness giving to eyes have the mass of side effects which, unfortunately, the masters creating such beauty don't mention.

And after all there are means absolutely safe, cheaper and capable to compete with modern methods of giving to an expressiveness look. It is about unfairly the forgotten vegetable oils. Of course, instant effect as after eyelash extension you shouldn't expect, but the natural well-groomed eyelashes will become a payment for a waiting time.


Eyelashes are similar on the structure to structure of hair. When maturing a new root of a hair the old drops out, and growth of eyelashes happens because of cell fission of a bulb. However happens that loss of hairs is caused not by physiology, and any violations in an organism: hormonal failures, violations in work of bodies of endocrine system, stresses, demodekoz and others. In that case it is necessary to ask for the help experts.

Eyelashes are influenced by everything that them touches – ink, the clip for twisting of eyelashes will definitely not add to you their quantity, means for removal of a make-up. Therefore it is necessary to treat a choice of decorative cosmetics and conditioning agents especially carefully.

Also, as well as hair of an eyelash need careful leaving, after all with age them becomes less.

The positive effect for growth of eyelashes comes from use of oils owing to: stimulations of cell fission of a bulb and food of skin of eyelids useful substances. Acceleration of growth of eyelashes, increase in their density and acquisition of well-groomed appearance becomes result of use of oils.

Experts claim that any, without exception, oil will be useful for growth and strengthening of eyelashes. However some essential oils, nevertheless, possess more expressed properties.

Types and properties

Kastorovoye - contains big percent of ritsinolevy acid which intensifies exchange processes, promotes increase of cell fission and, as a result, accelerates growth of eyelashes. A lack of oil is its density owing to what it very hard is cleaned. Can cause irritation. Means has a specific smell

In more detail you can learn from video.

It is considered that deficiency of vitamins E and B2 is the reason of delay of growth of hair. For the same reason they become dim and fragile. A large number of these substances contains in almond oil.

The olive - richly in the Omega polysaturated fatty acids. Such means was used since ancient times for growth and strengthening of eyelashes and hair. The means received by method of a cold extraction is most vitamin-rich.

The sea-buckthorn is rich with the content of vitamin C. And it as it is known well influences cell regeneration. Therefore use of sea-buckthorn oil for improvement of growth of eyelashes certainly is justified.

The peach - absolutely hypoallergenic product therefore use of this means for sensitive skin is recommended. Means interferes with loss and accelerates dews of eyelashes.

Oil of sprouts of wheat is very vitamin-rich. On a consistence the dense. Usually it is applied in combination with other cosmetic oils.

The camphor - has the increased concentration of vitamins and useful substances. Because of high their concentration it is necessary to add camphor oil to another. One drop of camphor oil on a teaspoon of other means.

Oil jojoba has unique structure of proteins and amino acids which aren't present in one other means. Therefore addition of this product to another will have very positive effect. In cold means stiffens and becomes similar to wax. For its use many recommend to kindle means on a water bath, but it is possible to leave for some time means at the room temperature and there will be the same effect. Often it is mixed with other structures for extension of an expiration date by it and for the purpose of avoidance of emergence of pro-rancid taste. This information is useful to those who plans to prepare solutions independently.

The coconut - is considered kladezxyu vitamins and amino acids. It is capable to hold moisture in a hair, interfering with his dehydration. After application of this means each hair is enveloped by a thin film which is a barrier to penetration of UV rays and to other harmful effects. Much tested this product claim that the effect is swept up after several days of application. Jelling of a product speaks about its naturalness. Very quickly spoils.

Thanks to the contents in the composition of alkaloids, flavonoids and vitamins usma oil actively strengthens roots of eyelashes and intensifies their growth. The product is considered hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin. In cosmetology it is applied as the powerful catalyst to growth of hair. Some cosmetologists claim that this most effective remedy which helps even at an allopetion.

If it is necessary to extend and strengthen eyelashes it is also possible to use oil of a tea tree which is very rich with the content of vitamin E. Means has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic, antifungal effect. So if the reason of loss of hairs – a fungus, perhaps, it is worth trying this means. Of course, after visit of the doctor.

The powerful chemical composition containing tocopherol, vitamins of group B and K does linseed oil by a competitive product to expensive means for strengthening and lengthening of eyelashes. The Omega-3 of polysaturated fatty acid linseed oil surpasses in the contents even fish. According to ancient legends it is called as a youth elixir. Means has a pungent smell.

Excellent growth factor of eyelashes is oil of grape seed which contains vitamins A and F, vitamins of group B. Oil has easy texture. An additional bonus will become that fact that this means perfectly fights against "goose pads". Therefore, looking after eyelashes, it is worth taking care of skin of eyelids at the same time.

The mustard - contains vitamins of group B, D, E, K thanks to which feeds bulbs with a hair in the structure and stimulates their growth.

Argon apply oil to treatment of eyelashes after coloring, a chemical wave. The components which are a part will allow to strengthen hairs and to recover them health.

And who could think that for beauty and length of your eyelashes usual vaseline which else our grandmothers applied to these purposes is called on fight. Regular use of vaseline oil does result noticeable after week use.

How to apply

Before use of any oil it is necessary to carry out the sensitivity test. For this purpose it is necessary a drop of means to apply on a wrist and to observe reaction within several hours.

However use of oils has the nuances:

  1. To put oil structure it is necessary a pure brush. It is possible for these purposes to use the washed-up jar with ink. However, it isn't so simple to wash up it. It is more convenient to fill a tube with a syringe.
  2. It is necessary to put structure from the middle of growth by the ends. It is necessary in order that there was no discomfort as oil will flow down all the same.
  3. Also for prevention of running off and hit of means in eyes it is necessary to gather a minimum of structure.
  4. Regularity of application of such means at least one and a half-two months – pledge of receiving desirable result.
  5. It is better to apply slightly warm oil.
  6. The remains need to be removed with a dry napkin

It is also necessary to consider that it is impossible to leave applications from oil for the night and treatment shouldn't be carried out more long than one hour. As the applicator for drawing structure it is possible to use: Q-tips, the washed-up brush from ink or a brush. It should be noted that the brush has to have a soft as other options won't be able to hold liquid structure bristle. Means need to be taken moderate quantity that it didn't drip from a brush, differently there is a probability of its hit in eyes.


In house conditions it is possible to prepare easily mix from oils which will not only promote growth of eyelashes, but also will give them a healthy well-groomed look and will make more dense

Mix olive and usma will make eyelashes of oils longer and more magnificent. For preparation of structure it is necessary to warm up the olive not refined oil and to add to it usma oil. It isn't necessary to warm up it. 5 drops of the second oil are the share of 10 ml olive. Hold time makes 10-15 minutes

Length of eyelashes considerably will increase if in equal proportions to mix kastorovy and burdock oils, to warm up and apply on eyelashes. The result will be swept up in a week of regular application of structure.

Two times a week it is possible to apply structure from oils camphor and kastorovy. On 15ml kastorovy means 5 drops camphor are necessary. To put means for 5-10 minutes. After application of such mask even color of hairs becomes brighter.

The extraordinary beauty to eyelashes will be presented by a kompleksnayamaska from kastorovy, almond, burdock and olive oils. It is necessary to mix them in equal proportions and to put for 10 minutes on two times a week.

On a water bath it is necessary to kindle oil jojoba. To add one teaspoon of peach oil to two tablespoons. It is necessary to apply structure within a month every day for 10-15 minutes.

Also on a water bath it is necessary to kindle argon and coconut oils, to mix in equal proportions and to apply a mask on eyelashes. The result won't keep itself waiting long.

Review of the best

In a drugstore it is possible to get already ready means for care of eyelashes.

Gemene - eyelash oil, a growth factor. Proceeding from the instruction means consists of a complex of active ingredients and is intended for care of problem eyelashes. In general reviews of consumers of this means the positive. Many noticed that eyelashes became more well-groomed. However the majority declared that they didn't notice rapid growth of eyelashes.

Oil for eyebrows and eyelashes of DNC nutritious. Means contains in the structure sea-buckthorn and kastorovy oils and a complex of vitamins A, D, B5. Vast majority delighted with this product. Users note that promises of the producer came true. Bol of that, means is spent very economically that can't but please.

Eyebrow and eyelashes Godefroy serum activator. As active ingredients contains castor oil, oil of germs of wheat and vitamin E. It should be noted that alcohol therefore at hit of means on mucous an eye can arise a poshchipyvaniye also is a part of a product. In general means doesn't equal hopes of consumers.

The Indian means of Careprost is medicine for intraocular pressure that is specified in the summary attached to medicine, and growth of eyelashes is a side effect from application of this medicine. Doctors consider that you shouldn't use this product in the cosmetic purposes as it can damage to healthy eyes.

Oil for an otrashchivaniye of eyebrows and eyelashes of Shikoil contains in the structure a complex from a huge amount of the oils stimulating growth of hairs. Most of consumers noted that length of eyelashes really increased at regular rather long use of this balm, and the look became more expressive.

It is possible to distinguish oils from active ingredients black kastorovy, amla Indian, rosemary, an eklipta white, black caraway seeds, linen, ginger. Where ginger and rosemary provoke blood circulation strengthening, and, therefore, and food of a root. Rosemary is also considered a bactericidal plant. Black caraway seeds and linseed oil strengthen a root. The white eklipta is a plant in India which "The king of hair" is called in translation. Apply it even at baldness.

Thus, it will be useful for owners of dark eyelashes to know that the plant strengthens a saturation of color of hairs.

Means for growth of eyelashes of Platinum contains in the structure castor oil and a complex of active ingredients – extracts of extracts from coniferous trees. In general reviews of a product the positive. However many consumers consider that length of eyelashes nevertheless doesn't increase.

The growth factor of eyebrows and eyelashes of Alerana pleases consumers with the impact on eyelashes. The vast majority noted growth of eyelashes, also they became stronger and more dense. The product shares on means of day and night application and has different active ingredients.

Thai means for growth of eyelashes has grass structure. Reviews of this means were divided into those who noted lack of loss of eyelashes and on those who didn't notice effect.

Means for Elma eyelashes quite convenient in application. Consumers noted that eyelashes become thicker, look more healthy and ukhozhenny, also noted increase in volume. However users don't notice strong increase in length.

Responses of cosmetologists

In general cosmetologists well speak of use of oil means for leaving of improvement of growth of eyelashes. If it is regular them to use, they will become more magnificent also the ukhozhenny. However remind that you shouldn't forget to do the test for sensitivity. Some cosmetologists claim that it is better to buy already ready structures in a drugstore. It is connected with that on production observe purity and sterility, and development of bacteria in means is almost impossible. However, if you carefully clear capacity with a brush or you will take a disposable stick of anything terrible won't arise. It concerns those cases when you prepare mix independently and you are going to store it.