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Peeling for a body in house conditions + recipes of a natural peeling

To have smooth skin it is worth using a peeling regularly. But you shouldn't address to ready cosmetic preparations because in any house there will be some ingredients of which a simple image it is possible to make a natural house peeling without harmful substancesat once.

And they even will be better than industrial means, after all even in beauty shops try to use for a peeling natural components: coffee, vegetable basic oils, essential oils, sea salt, sugar, etc.

The peeling massage needs to be done by the smooth gentle movements, strongly without pressing on a skin surface not to cause irritation. During a peeling skin will become pink, you shouldn't be frightened it since it is usual reaction, there is a blood circulation improvement that undoubtedly is plus, all organism is revitalized, the metabolism in skin improves.

Peeling for a body in house conditions + recipes of a natural peeling

Advantage of a peeling of skin:

  • The condition of skin improves
  • The peeling massage happens to the help updating of skin
  • Skin breathes after disposal of the died-off sections
  • Elasticity of skin increases
  • Skin becomes extraordinary smooth and gentle

House recipes for a peeling of skin

Peeling from sea salt

It is the easiest way. It is necessary to fill sea salt only in a pan and to add a spoon of olive oil. The sponge wetted in water to impose mix on a body and to mass roundabouts for 10 minutes. Grains of salt will effectively skrabirovat skin, at the same time oil to provide good sliding, food and moistening. Also to protect skin from small damages. Mix will long not dry. Thus, we will get rid of the coarsened dead cells of epidermis, and also, thanks to the substances containing in sea salt, we will provide skin with useful and necessary leaving.

Peeling from flax seeds

To make 1 spoon of seeds of flax in a small amount of water so that the weight similar to a grain crumb turned out. To process 2 spoons of dry seeds and to add to this weight. To impose on skin by means of a damp sponge roundabouts.

Sugar peeling

– 2 spoons of sugar (the smallest which you have) we mix proportions with two spoons of natural yogurt (we do such amount of mix which is necessary for us). We do massage of a body by roundabouts. Then we rinse.

Peeling almond with avocado

We clear a half of mature avocado of a peel and we rub on the smallest grater. We mill a handful of almonds on the coffee grinder and we mix with avocado. We impose on skin a palm and we mass roundabouts. Most of all time we give to hips, buttocks and a stomach.

Peeling from oat flakes

To mix honey, oat flakes, juice of a lemon and milk. Procedure with massage the similar.

Coffee peeling against cellulitis

We mill coffee grains in the coffee grinder, we add a spoon of vegetable oil (olive, coconut, almond, etc.) + 3-4 drops of essential oil of rosemary. Carefully we mix that oils were distributed evenly in mix. We apply on moist skin, we mass some minutes and we wash away water. 

What else natural peelings are known by you? You impart experience in comments.