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Pilates for beginners: video lessons of exercises

For the modern person care about health and physical activity became a necessity. Once you relax and not to pay attention to the physical development, the metabolism is slowed down, to spoil a figure, there are extra kilos and in general health worsens. Today the set of complexes and types of exercises, the whole doctrines, the directions for improvement of the physical form is created. One ofeffective systems is Pilateswhich is directed on improvement of an organism and improvement of a figure due to special exercises.

Pilates for beginners: video lessons of exercises

It suits all people, irrespective of age, sex and physical preparation. They can be engaged as in fitness club, and at home. But how to begin it is correctly to be engaged after a long break? After all the organism didn't get used to loadings and fatigue, muscle pains can become a cause of failure from sports life.

Today the site %host of % will tell about Pilates for beginners and will show video lessons which will help to join the world of sport and beauty without effort. The system Pilates is constructed in such a way that when performing exercises become stronger and pass in a tone all muscles without weight set. The body becomes harmonous, flexible and healthy. Regularly being engaged in Pilates of the house it is possible to strengthen easily and quickly the muscles, to find a slim figure and even to get rid of many diseases. After all, if the body moves to it there is no time to hurt!

Basic rules of system Pilates

Starting being engaged on system Pilates have to know some rules:

  1. Breath has to go through a breast and at a breath to extend edges.
  2. The press has to be involved and intense throughout all time of occupations.
  3. During exercises the special attention is paid to breath. In many exercises the breath is carried out through a nose, and exhaled through a mouth.
  4. All movements have to be smooth and soft.
  5. You watch closely the instructor and in accuracy repeat position of a body when performing exercises.

Pilates for beginners: video lessons

After classes you by all means feel as Pilates inflow of forces and good mood. 

For occupations it will be required to you:

  • Sports rug on which exercises are carried out;
  • The convenient clothes which isn't constraining movements;
  • Occupations take place barefoot;
  • Rigid small pillow which can be replaced with the curtailed towel.

Special complex for beginners. Video lesson


Pilates: a course for beginners. Video lesson

 You already tried to be engaged on system Pilates? What results were reached? Share in comments!