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Pineapple diet for weight loss (menu), pineapple tincture and vodka - the recipe

The diet which indispensable component is pineapple and juice from it, is more often applied in a winter season. Especially well it is suitable for weight loss before holidays or for fast finding of a form after New Year's and Christmas feasts. The main operating substance-zhiroszhigatelem in pineapple is bromelajn. It helps also easier assimilation of proteinaceous food and improves digestion. How to use pineapples for weight loss?

Pineapples for the purpose of weight loss are used only fresh, sufficient ripeness. The pineapple diet tasty is also transferred usually quite easily. It is possible to adhere to it no more than five days in a row or to arrange one, two or three fasting days in a week on its basis. Everything depends on that, how many extra kilos you wish to send.

Pineapple diet for weight loss (menu), pineapple tincture and vodka - the recipe

It is possible to refer its sufficient variety and opportunity to choose the scheme of its carrying out to pleasant features of this diet. Additional plus is purposeful weight loss in our problem zones — it is a waist and hips.

Some nutritionists advise to strengthen effect from a pineapple diet, having included in it vodka pineapple tincture.

Pineapple tincture and vodka recipe:

  • To crush pulp of one fruit in the blender, the combine or to turn via the meat grinder.
  • To fill in the turned-out weight with a bottle of qualitative vodka
  • To insist for about a week in a dark place
  • Then tincture to filter and accept on 1 tablespoon before each food in addition to a diet.
  • The last spoon of tincture is recommended to be drunk for the night, having had a snack a pineapple slice.
  • Of course, it is possible to use spirit tincture only in the absence of contraindications to alcohol intake.

The pineapple diet for weight loss assumes four meals in day, in intervals it is necessary to drink water and green tea (one and a half liters of water and some cups of tea), and also freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

The large daily volume of liquid therefore expect the expressed diuretic effect will turn out and plan time for carrying out a diet so that to you it was comfortable it to transfer.

Menu of a pineapple diet:

The pulp of pineapple can be eaten in any quantity during the day.

The BREAKFAST will consist of the slices of pineapple crushed in mashed potatoes together with low-fat yogurt or kefir.

Additional additives on a choice: spoon of oat-flakes or raisin, muesli or bran. Important that any portion of food in this diet shouldn't be more than 250 g.

The SECOND BREAKFAST is offered to be made of boiled egg and sandwich from fresh-salted red fish on a slice of rye bread or a grain small loaf.

FOR LUNCH prepare for yourself in the first day rice with seasonings, but meatless. In the next days it is possible to replace rice with fish, chicken, shrimps or fast beef. Everything has to be only boiled or steam, without garnish. Don't forget about the maximum permissible weight of a portion of 250 grams (quite good to have kitchen scales for house accuracy).Pineapple diet for weight loss (menu), pineapple tincture and vodka - the recipe

The DINNER needs to be eaten no later than seven evenings. For the first time it will be two potatoes welded in a uniform and cooled, watered with noncaloric sauce, for example, ketchup.

In the next days it is possible to replace potatoes with vegetable salad, any, but it will be necessary to fill it with vegetable oil (better olive), pineapple and lemon juice.

Results of a pineapple diet

Results of a pineapple diet will depend on the scheme chosen by you. So, if you need to dump 2-3 kg, will enough carry out in a row two-three fasting days each two weeks.

If you want more essential results, it is necessary to sustain in a row five days, not to forget to drink thus tincture. And further within a month to eat usually, of course, without overeating, continuing to use pineapple tincture on a spoon of times a day, it is better before a lunch. In this case loss of weight to 10 kg by the end of month is promised.