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Preparation for a laser epilation, possible consequences

Preparation for a laser epilation, possible consequences The correct preparation for a laser epilation – pledge of receiving successful result and lack of complications. If preparatory procedures were missed, there is a risk of an inefficiency of an epilation and emergence of consequences. That it didn't occur, it is necessary to understand specifics of preparation.

Need of the correct preparation

Preparation of skin of that area which will be subjected to influence of a light beam, is obligatory. Before going on an epilation, address for consultation to the competent expert. Best of all if it will be that cosmetologist who will undertake removal of vegetation.

It is necessary to understand that each procedure of removal of hair has contraindications. If the patient isn't acquainted with them, the risk increases to do harm to health. The qualified master has the corresponding medical preparation and will be able to tell all nuances of a laser epilation to avoid the subsequent problems.

Pay attention! If skin is too sensitive, it is worth warning about it the expert in advance. Then the master will offer putting the special cooling cream which interferes with emergence of pain.

The competent cosmetologist will help to choose laser type: if skin light, optimum becomes removal of hair the aleksandritovy laser. Disposal of vegetation the diode laser is applicable for any type of skin.

How to be prepared for procedure?

Preparation for a laser epilation can be divided into some main temporary stages:

  1. In one and a half months. At this stage cosmetologists recommend not to sunbathe for the sun and not to apply removal of hair the epilator influencing a follicle root. In that case removal of hair wax, the electroepilation and plucking out of vegetation are contraindicated. If to make it, the hair follicle will be lost, therefore, the laser will have no target for a sight, and procedure will become senseless.
  2. In 2 weeks. You shouldn't accept antibiotics of a tetracycline row, to visit a sunbed, and also to use cosmetics on the basis of alcohol. Correctly to be prepared for a laser epilation, in 10-14 days refuse visit of the pool and limit physical activities.
  3. In 1 day. At this stage it is necessary to shave hair before a laser epilation on those sites of skin which will be subject to influence of light radiation. Depilation by means of the ordinary razor or special cream depilator most is suitable for these purposes.

Council! In day of procedure it is necessary to clear a site of the processed integument of cosmetics completely. Skin has to be dry and pure – only then the session will show results.

Some girls are interested, whether it is necessary to grow hair before an epilation? The answer will be negative — on the contrary, they need to be removed. Different zones of a body demand some distinctions in preparation. For example, to prepare a site of armpits for a laser epilation, it is necessary to shave hair in 1 day prior to procedure. The same period of time concerns also a bikini zone.

Preparation for a laser epilation on a face contains all listed recommendations, however the vegetation of a zone of an upper lip needs to be removed with the razor in 4-8 hours prior to procedure. – sites of hands, feet and others – it is recommended to shave all other parts of a body in 3 days prior to start of an epilation. It is noted that the minimum length of hair has to be 1 mm.

The list of that it is possible to do before a laser epilation:

  • to use depilyatsionny cream;
  • to use the razor;
  • to apply on skin cream against suntan at the compelled cases.

Don't forget about that it is necessary to adhere to the schedule of visits of the cosmetologist for implementation of repeated procedures. It is necessary to grow hair only in case before they were removed with wax or an electroepilation.


Preparation for procedure includes obligatory absence of all available contraindications. To check their existence at itself, we recommend to study the list:

  • suntan – to start doing sessions it is recommended already in winter time when sites of skin are closed under clothes;
  • integument diseases in a stage of an aggravation or chronic;
  • a large number of birthmarks on a place of the surface processed by the laser;
  • infectious catarrhal diseases;
  • oncology;
  • herpes;
  • varicosity – this ban concerns sites of feet and hands;
  • tendency of an organism to formation the keloidnykh of hems – growths of fabrics in the course of a trauma;
  • existence of burns;
  • feeding period breast or pregnancy;
  • presence of allergic reactions: rash, irritations;
  • defeat of an integument grazes and scratches.

Pay attention! Removal of hair by means of the laser isn't recommended to patients who weren't 18 years old. If it is necessary, the cosmetologist can demand official permission from parents.

The vegetation during puberty has the features and if to remove them with a laser method, the subsequent growth of hair will be characterized in the dark color and rigidity after a while.

It is worth remembering that the laser machine won't see gray-haired and too fair hair – in that case to carry out procedure is useless.

Possible consequences

Experts agree in opinion that the epilation the laser doesn't do harm and doesn't cause pain. Depth of penetration of a beam makes 1-4 mm but if the patient has contraindications or the cosmetologist is insufficiently qualified, there can be complications. Treat them:

  • burns;
  • pigmentation of skin;
  • allergic reactions;
  • follikulit;
  • herpetic rash;
  • problems with sight.

The last complication appears in the absence of special goggles in the face of the patient. The laser radiates light which harmful influences sight therefore in salon are obliged to put on glasses on eyes to the client.

At once after procedure there can be an insignificant hypostasis and reddenings. They don't demand special treatment and pass within a day. Such response of skin arises owing to influence of laser energy: hairs heat up and absorb energy. That it didn't occur, ask the cosmetologist to cool skin before procedure start.

Preparation for a laser epilation, possible consequences

Care of skin after an epilation

Most of patients interests a question, whether it is possible to have a shave after a laser epilation. Experts claim that the best way of removal of vegetation in the course of carrying out sessions is usual shaving. At such influence the follicle isn't mentioned.

Important! Most of cosmetologists incline to not to touch hair after a laser epilation at all. But each girl watching herself won't be able to allow to go with vegetation some months therefore the razor – optimum option.

After carrying out procedure it is recommended to adhere to such councils:

  • not to kill the processed zone within a day;
  • not to subject an organism to physical activities for the first 3 days;
  • not to take long baths within two weeks;
  • not to sunbathe without use of protective cream;
  • not to apply srubs about 2 weeks;
  • after an epilation on a face the easy make-up is allowed already next day;
  • not to use medicines – in this respect it is worth consulting to the expert.

It is recommended to apply the first week on skin Bepanten who possesses the softening action. Besides, the moisturizing cream applied on the processed zones several times per day will be useful.

It is simple to be prepared for procedure, the main thing – to observe all specified requirements and to listen to recommendations of the treating cosmetologist. Then the effect from a laser epilation will bring only positive result.