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Preparations for treatment of a fungus of nails standing: 10 effective remedies

The pharmaceutical market represents many various antifungal creams, varnishes, sprays and means for internal application promoting the fastest recovery of a nail plate. Today the site %hostof % will tell what preparations for treatment of a fungus of nails standing it is possible to use to get rid of this problem.

Preparations for treatment of a fungus of nails standing: 10 effective remedies

Why there is a fungus on nails

The fungus of nails standing arises at infectious defeats by pathogenic mushrooms. The illness is transmitted in the contact way from the infected people in case of non-compliance with simple rules of hygiene. Usually it happens when using in a family of the general clothes, footwear and household items. In public places it is possible to catch in pools, gyms and other rooms where high temperature and the increased humidity keeps. Treatment proceeds the long period of time. 

Symptoms of a fungus of nails standing

Development of a disease begins with infection of skin of feet and folds between fingers, the peeling is observed, there is an itch and burning. Quite often there are cracks and bubbly skin. Further the fungus passes to nails, impregnates in all their layers, reaching a bed. As there are some types of fungal infections, symptoms can differ from each other.

  • Barmy fungi lead to thinning of a nail plate and its peeling from a nail bed, thus the nail gets yellow coloring;
  • Dermatophytes lead to emergence of yellow spots and longitudinal strips on a nail plate;
  • Mold the fungus leads to damage of the nail caused against already available infection, thus the shade of a nail plate can accept blue and even black shades. Mold the fungus doesn't get into structure of a nail.

At the first signs of change of skin of feet, forms, colors of nails and interdigital folds it is necessary to address to the doctor immediately. Only the expert can precisely make the diagnosis, define a type of a fungal infection and to appoint the corresponding treatment. Efficiency and duration of recovery depends on that, the infection was how fast found, and treatment began. Besides direct negative action, the fungus reduces the resilience of immune system, complicates the course of the existing diseases.

Treatment of a fungus of nails standing pharmaceutical preparations

Modern pharmaceutical industry developed many reliable preparations of the general and local purpose for fast recovery from a fungus. Clinical features of each case don't allow to define a universal remedy therefore exclusively qualified specialist has to be engaged in drawing up a course of treatment.

Antimikotichesky varnishes, serums and solutions against an infection of nails, plasters with the exfoliating action well help with not started stage when the result is easily reached by local influence. and also various treats that:

  1. "Lotseril",
  2. "Batrafen",
  3. "Tsiklopiroksolamin",
  4. "Mikozan".

Inexpensive preparations are intended for painless removal of the infected nail:

  1. "Nogtevit",
  2. "Nogtimitsin".

It is fine alternative to drug treatment and surgical intervention.

At the started stages and at prompt development of a fungus appoint antimikotichesky tablets of the general action. Treat effective oral preparations:

  1. "Flukonazol" and its analogs - "Diflucan", "Flyukostat";
  2. "Ketokonazol",
  3. "Itrakonazol",
  4. "Terbinafin".

One more group of preparations of local influence – cream, sprays and ointments. They differ from each other in the main operating component. Active agent contains in sprays and creams:

  1. "Lamizil",
  2. "Atifin",
  3. "Terbinafin",
  4. "Zalain",
  5. "Batrafen",
  6. "Ekzoderil",
  7. "Bifosin",
  8. "Nizoral",
  9. "Mifugnar".

If treatment proceeded under control of the doctor, soon symptoms of a disease have to disappear, and the nail plate struck with a fungus to be replaced with the healthy. Usually recovery is confirmed by results of analyses which need to be handed over in two and four weeks after a course of treatment.