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Prevention and treatment of cellulitis


Prevention and treatment of cellulitis With approach of summer to all of us, women, there is a wish to look perfectly that all summer to try to catch on themselves eyes of many men. Therefore in the spring, more than ever, we try to get rid of shortcomings of our figure. Cellulitis – the enemy No 1 for many women. Especially cellulitis is shown after a "winter" way of life.

What is cellulitis? Understand the structural changes happening in a hypodermic and fatty layer as a result of which microcirculation and lymphatic outflow is broken as cellulitis. And externally on skin there are roughnesses, so-called effect of "orange-peel" of which millions of women of the whole world want to get rid.

Now, when fight against cellulitis found mass scales, there was a huge number of ways of its treatment both medical, and national. We will stop on treatment of cellulitis in house conditions, after all not all on a pocket of a quotation of cosmetology clinics and expensive preparations in more detail. And treatment of cellulitis, as well as any other treatment, has to be complex.

Healthy nutrition
One of the main methods, both prevention, and treatment of cellulitis is the healthy nutrition. Therefore it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet, namely there are more fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts and soybeans.

Also development of cellulitis is interfered by salad and cabbage, grain bread and various porridges, fish and seafood, various greens. In a word, it is necessary to adhere to healthy food then your skin will be healthy. It is necessary to eat less greasy food and red meat.

And if there is a meat, choose not too fat, and skin a bird also all fat. It is possible to reduce the use of dairy products which cause formation of the mucous film interfering a conclusion of fat and toxins from an organism. Of course, it is necessary to control consumption of carbohydrates, in particular sugar.

Avoid the use of alcoholic and carbonated drinks, and also food with "artificial" additives. These additives aren't natural and toxic therefore aren't accepted by an organism, and accumulate in the tsellyulitnykh places.

Anti-cellulite massage
Before massage pour over hips a contrast shower. Massage needs to be begun with easy strokings from a knee up from all directions, and then do it by more heavy traffics by all palm. At a knee collect a little skin and move it up outer side of a hip, then on forward and internal. Do such movements 2-3 times.

Then it is necessary to apply cream (oil) on hips and to rub it palms diversely. At first rub cream from outer side of hips, and then with internal and in front. It needs to be done by the easy massing movements. For each zone of hips do 4-5 movements. In the conclusion vigorously slap palms in hips.

One of methods of anti-cellulite massage are the hvatatelny movements causing a bigger rush of blood that makes active vessels and connecting fabric. It is recommended to mass not only hips, but also forearms, knees, a stomach. After such massage it is necessary to apply anti-cellulite cream.

Here some such movements:
1. Squeeze a hand in a fist. Bones of fingers it is necessary to carry out strongly on skin from top to down and vice versa. Continue the movement, there will be no rush of blood yet, and the body won't start reddening. This movement is suitable for a stomach, hips and buttocks.

2. Put fingers together. Mass skin roundabouts. Roundabouts can be done both finger-tips, and thumbs. Exercise is suitable for knees, hips and buttocks.

3. Strong take skin between big and other fingers, and then smooth in the direction up. Not really be fond of a shchipaniye, and that there can be bruises. Shchipaniye is suitable for inside of hands and hips.

4. For a stomach, buttocks and hips. It is necessary big and index fingers of two hands to form a triangle. Advance hands in the direction of thumbs up, thus strongly pressing. Then smooth skin, moving thumbs down.

Forever to get rid of cellulitis and deep thighs it is necessary: properly to eat, avoid stressful situations, to play sports and regularly to do massage, during treatment it is correct to select clothes to hide deep thighs and cellulitis. Leading a healthy lifestyle, following simple recommendations, to be restored flatness and elasticity of your skin.