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Professional hair-dyes: list of brands

From time immemorial girls and women always don't agree that the nature offers. Whether it be figure, growth or hair color. But if in ancient time women had to resort to cunnings of coloring by means of henna and a rhubarb, girls 20 – go were lucky centuries more. Today a variety of the painting means so huge that sometimes you don't know on what paint at all to stop the choice. More and more popularity get professional paints. The site %hostof %will tell readers about professional paint and about the main brands in the market of beauty.

Professional hair-dyes: list of brands

Pluses and minuses of professional paint.

Simple dyes became available to the consumer not so long ago, but thanks to the high maintenance of an oxidizer (for the best coloring of hair of any structure), the head of hear after their use looks not in the best way. Professional paint allows to keep health of hair. She demands knowledge in the field of coloring which will allow to pick up an oxidizer and color for individual structure of hair. The result from use of such product entirely depends on abilities of the hair stylist.

Pluses of professional paint:

  • Accuracy and durability of total color
  • Wide choice from a palette of shades
  • Quality of a product
  • Hair keep a healthy state
  • Color is washed away by means of "remover"

Minuses of professional paint:

  • Complexity of use without professional knowledge.
  • Cost.

Rating and review of professional paints.

On counters of modern shops and salons a huge choice of professional tools for hair. Each stylist gives the preference to a product which suited it at all points:

  • Saturation and firmness of color
  • Impact on hair
  • Price category
  • Color palette

Therefore, any rating of professional paints is only an individual opinion. To what paint to give preference, everyone solves.

Branded paints with the content of ammonia

  1. Selective Professional Color EVO. The Italian paint enters in favourites of many beauty shops. Goodness of a product and a mineral basis is the reason of such recognition. Paint steady, with a huge color palette and shades. Using it, stylists are always sure of result. The artificial lipids identical which are a part that is as a part of a hair cuticle of the person, help to level structure of a hair, creating ideal color. The palette of paint has 96 shades, 7 proofreaders and 68 shades for professional application. Each client will find here that looked for. The price is 50 USD.
  2. Wella Koleston Professionals. The product personifies all German quality. The main feature of paint are saturated natural shades. Always the saturated expected color is result. The product several times received an award of the best professional tool among dyes. The palette consists of more than 100 shades: from natural to the bright expressional. The price of paint doesn't exceed 34 USD.
  3. Keune. Dutch brand of a professional hair-dye. Dyes share on: bezammiachny, for coloring of SPA, with ammonia addition. Also the brand let out a separate line of the paints intended for men. The color palette containing natural shades distinguishes it from other paints. The basis of a Keune palette is made by cold shades which share on mikstona (5 flowers) and the main of tone (80 flowers). The product perfectly proved in the market and receives positive comments of stylists. Feature of a product is the technology of coloring 5D, with the help of the molecules of Nitron getting into structure of hair. All this increases duration of preservation of color. The price at each line of paint the, it fluctuates from 34 to 100 USD.
  4. IGORA Royal (Schwarzkopf Professional). The Schwarzkopf brand exists in the market more than eyelid and easily competes with other qualitative paints. IGORA is issued since 2006. Means is in demand and among ordinary consumers, and not just in a circle of professionals. Such recognition paint deserved ease in application and excellent result of coloring. In structure there are a vitamin C and SPF protection. The color palette consists of 46 shades of the main tones: fair-haired, blonda, chestnut and red. The IGORA line also has a palette a mix shades which are available with addition of a mikston. This means represents a palette in number of 8 flowers, and is intended for allocation or neutralization of any shade. The price of one paint varies within 10 USD, to it with the same cost are added an oxidizer and mikston. All set comes almost to 34 USD.
  5. Matrix. The resistant paint allowing to embody any bright shade in reality. The line of Color Sync Extra dye with ease paints a gray hair. The looking after components are a part. Paint offers nearly 120 different shades. From natural warm and cold shades to bright red tones. The line of Ultre Blonde will allow the brunette to become with ease the blonde. Price of one paint of 17 USD.
  6. Materia. The product is made in Japan. As a part of dye contains cellular – the membrane complex developed by the company. Paint in the course of coloring restores structure of a hair and envelops it lipids. As a result resistant and equal color turns out, and hair gain softness. The technology of coloring 3D allows to achieve equal color, irrespective of the initial. The palette consists of a set of flowers which include even courageous pink tone. Each woman of fashion remains happy. The product price — 32 USD.
  7. Londa Color. Professional dye of the German Londa brand. The product has good responses from famous stylists and is safely bought by beauty shops. Paint has the lipids and natural wax helping to minimize harmful effects on hair in structure. Color as a result turns out bright and durable. The palette is rather various, it consists of more than 90 shades. A series of Emotion paint includes bright, saturated colors. Paint price more than available: 300 – 14 USD.
  8. Estel De Luxe. Paint is from Russia and is the undisputed leader in the territory of the country. The product is easily put and doesn't flow down. Color turns out juicy and keeps long enough. In structure there are oils, vitamins and keratins for a healthy type of hair. The color palette totals more than 130 various shades. Not so long ago the brand let out the new line of paint under the name "Haute Gouture", on the basis of a cationic complex. She allows to receive saturated shades without ammonia. The price of this product is quite reasonable and readily available to a general population (about 17 USD).
  9. Revlon. The permanent product is developed on the basis of molecular technologies. Molecules get into structure of a hair, providing bright and resistant color. Vitamins for hair are a part of paint: B3, A, E. Coloring rather soft, doesn't injure sensitive head skin. The color palette is rich with natural shades. The price — 27 USD.
  10. Ollin Color. Rosiiysky brand of the European quality. The palette consists of 80 shades, 12 tones for blondes and 6 mikston. The price is less than 10 USD.

Also many brands have a ruler the bezamiachnykh of paints.

Professional paints without ammonia

  1. Majirel from Loreal Professionnel. Paint with the components which are looking after hair is resistant. Feature of a product in two components: polymer ionen GTM and molecules of Incell. The color palette is rich, at it there are ashy, copper, golden, nacreous and beige shades. For lovers of experiments there are also plum shades and red. The price of paint is 20 USD
  2. Inoa from Loreal Professionnel. One more good product from a known brand. In paint there is no ammonia. The structure of a product is rich with the oils which are bringing dye to structure of hair and well influencing their state. Researches show that it is one of the few paints which helps to support the natural level of lipids in structure of a hair. The palette shares on some tones: gold, ashy, basic, brown warm and cold, copper, nacreous, plum, metallized and red. The price – 700 rub.
  3. Cutrin. Paint from Finland perfectly looks after hair. Being a part, beeswax and the Arctic cranberry give to hair shine and softness. Dye is almost completely based on natural components, in it there is no ammonia and silicone. For equal color and good result it is better to use paint only under control of professionals. The palette includes a set of the flowers suitable even for bright images. The price of paint is slightly less than 17 USD, it is possible to get it only in special shops.
  4. Dikson. The structure of a product is various nutritious components: camomile, pantenol, keratin, hollyhock and proteins of silk. Such basis gives to hair gloss and smoothness. The palette consists of 106 different shades. A variety of tones allows to experiment a hair color to please of the imagination. The price is from 17 USD
  5. Farmavita. One more paint with the treating components, is from Italy. The palette is based on natural shades, cold, warm and golden colors. The paint price — from 10 USD
  6. CHI. Ionic paint, productions of the USA. In structure there are no harmful chemicals. Pregnant women can quite use it. The main components of a product are: oils, sunflower, arginin, lotus. During coloring paint envelops a hair, laminating it. 4 types of color enter a palette, each of which includes natural and bright shades. The price of paint is 34 USD.
  7. Kydra. The sparing French paint which is looking after hair when coloring. Main components: oils of corn and ales, soy protein and sigizbekiya. The product pleasantly smells. The palette of paint is presented by natural shades. The price of a product is 34 USD.
  8. Kapous. Paint of production of Russia is also developed only for saloon coloring. Consists of natural components which include even the cocoa butter allowing hair to remain soft and brilliant. The brand lets out different lines of dye: Professional Coloring with effect of lamination, Professional Magic Keratin without ammonia, Studio with protection against an ultraviolet. The palette consists of 106 shades for every taste. The price of paint reaches 14 USD.

Whether you used professional paint? To what brand you give preference? You share in comments.