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The recipe of a mask for hair from avocado: for dry and fat


The recipe of a mask for hair from avocado: for dry and fat Among abundance of ready means on care of hair, it is seldom possible to meet that option which at insignificant prime cost would allow you to get really effective and useful product. Therefore it isn't surprising at all that most of modern women still prefer to use house recipes of the cosmetology means allowing to look after properly hair and guaranteeing thus 100% advantage of natural ingredients.

One of such unique means on care of hair is everything the known fruit of avocado. It should be noted that in the west of a mask for hair from avocado enjoy wide popularity for a long time, forcing out similar analogs from famous producers of ready masks.

Advantages of avocado in care of hair

For today the fruit of avocado is recognized as one of the most unique products of the nature which organically combines proteins and vitamins (And, D, E, K, B), magnesium and copper, iron and folic acid, potassium and amino acids. Thanks to such unique "set" of a mask for hair from avocado are recognized as one of the most effective methods on restoration of structure of hair, improvement of their general state and food of roots.

The recipe of a mask for hair from avocado

To prepare a mask for hair from avocado, it will be required to you:

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil (Extra Virgin)

Now we start directly preparation. Crush an avocado fruit in the blender to a pyureobrazny state, enter olive oil and one egg into the received paste.

If you have dry and brittle hair, it is in that case more reasonable to add not the whole egg, and to use only its yolk which properly will feed your obezzhiznenny ringlets without any side effects.

After you properly mix all ingredients, you can apply the received mask on dry or moist hair. Then densely wrap up the head a polyethylene film and leave a mask on hair not less than for half an hour. After the specified time, well rinse the head with warm flowing water, using thus the minimum quantity of shampoo.

It will be better if after application of this mask you don't begin to use the hair dryer for drying the svikh of hair, and dry up them naturally, that is will well get wet (don't rub!) their mohair towel also you will leave in the open air.

For an oily hair in a compounding of this mask you can replace some ingredients, having added instead of olive oil yogurt or kefir, and instead of egg – a honey tablespoon.