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Red and black points after an epilation and shaving

Red and black points after an epilation and shaving Red and black points after an epilation appear in most cases because of the wrong technology of carrying out procedure or excessive sensitivity of skin. The similar phenomenon can be shown after shaving, a shugaring, depilation by wax, applications of an epilator or a different way of removal of undesirable hair.

Emergence of black or red points afflicts women. No wonder that the question how to get rid of red points standing, torments many women. Knowing the answer, you will be able always to rejoice smooth and silky skin without irritations and other negative consequences.

Emergence reasons

Most often red and black points after removal of undesirable vegetation appear on such sites of a body:

  • standing;
  • in a bikini zone;
  • under mice.

The reasons of emergence of red and black points different, but are united by both problems one – all rules of an epilation aren't followed.

Emergence of black points: reasons

Emergence of black points after removal of excess vegetation on a body most often indicates growing of hair. In other words, the hair changes the direction of growth, and grows not outside, and in integuments. There is it because after an epilation hair the follicle is become weaker. As a result of hair which starts growing, becomes thinner and is softer. While the blanket of epidermis grows coarse in response to mechanical influence. It is difficult for hair to break through upward and it starts growing incorrectly that leads to emergence of black points.

Black points standing after shaving can also be a sign of the remained roots. Girls with a dark and hard hair suffer from a similar problem. If you are among such ladies, pick up a different way of removal of hair:

  • chemical depilation;
  • use of an electric epilator;
  • laser epilation and so on.

Why there are red points?

During shaving, depilations by caramel or wax, are removed hairs and a blanket of epidermis. Quite often on such the organism reacts irritation which is most often shown by red points. Also on skin there can be red spots or spots, to arise tightness or burning. Red points after shaving sometimes can bleed slightly.

The irritation of integuments can be caused and other reasons:

  • stupid edges of the razor;
  • disinfection of an epilator isn't carried out;
  • degreasing of skin isn't carried out;
  • non-compliance with rules of hygiene and so on.

If after shaving of feet there are red points, the reason can be covered in sensitive skin or the wrong approach to procedure (preparation and protection of integuments after an epilation isn't carried out).

If you apply hair removal cream, sugar paste or wax, red points can appear as a result of an allergy to one of components of the used means.

How to get rid of red and black points?

Emergence of black or red points, and also other types of irritation considerably influences esthetics. In most cases points are well visible and therefore the girl can't wear a dress and a skirt. The question how to get rid of the arisen problem, excites all women who faced it, especially during the summer period.

How to get rid of black points?

If the reason of black points is covered in growing of hairs, it is possible to solve it by means of tweezers. At first the tool needs to be disinfected, and after accurately to hook on a hair and to remove. Don't try to squeeze out them nails at all, so you can bring an infection that will lead to emergence of abscesses. If the hair is deeply, it is possible to get it a needle. Don't forget it to disinfect also.

If the problem has global character, that is there is too much grown hair, it is necessary to change a way of an epilation. Saloon procedures help to achieve good results:

  • laser epilation;
  • photoepilation;
  • elos-epilation and so on.

It is necessary to change a way of removal of hair also in case black points remain right after shaving (the remains of roots).

How to solve a problem of red points?

Red points standing after shaving at some girls disappear independently through a couple of hours. If it didn't occur, it is possible to solve a problem by means of pharmaceutical means or national methods.

Antiseptic ointments will help to eliminate irritation (Malavit, Boro plus, Aktovegin and so on). It is necessary to apply them according to the instruction. It is usually enough to grease the damaged fabrics in the morning and in the evening during couple of days.

Well ointment with a cortisone after an epilation helps to get rid of reddening and red points. The preparation possesses anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. If after shaving of feet you noticed irritation, at once smear them with gidrokortizonovy ointment (1%). Unpleasant symptoms will pass almost instantly — red points will become less noticeable, and the itch and burning will pass into nothingness. If necessary before going to bed repeat procedure, having steamed out integuments in soul or a bathroom. Consider, often you shouldn't apply ointment as it contains hormones, and causes accustoming. It is suitable for the emergency help in rare instances more.

Aspirin helps to clean red points standing also. It is necessary to use it so:

  1. Crush some tablets of acetilsalicylic acid in powder.
  2. Add a little glycerin.
  3. Mix.
  4. The prepared means wipe places of irritations.

Aspirin with glycerin possess good antiseptic properties. Thanks to what quickly relieve of red points, and also humidify integuments and promote their fast restoration.

From irritations also folk remedies will help:

  1. The spots which appeared after an epilation wax and points will help to clean lotions from broths of herbs. For these purposes it is possible to use a camomile, I chistotet, a calendula and other herbs that possess the anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  2. Well also the aloe helps. A plant wash out leaves and cut lengthways. Grease with juice of a plant affected sites of skin. Repeat actions 2-3 times a day to a total disappearance of points.
  3. It is possible to calm irritation also children's powder. It is necessary to powder simply the angry epidermis with talc, and through time accurately to remove.

How to prevent emergence?

Knowing why after shaving of feet there are red and black points, you will be able to prevent their emergence. To reduce risk of unpleasant consequences after an epilation, adhere to simple recommendations:

  1. Do an epilation always after a shower or a bathroom. After water procedures skin becomes soft, and hair more pliable (are removed easier).
  2. Before procedure degrease integuments or the help of alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen (you shouldn't be fond of alcohol use as it dries skin).
  3. Disinfect the razor or an epilator alcohol in order to avoid entering of an infection and emergence of irritation.
  4. If you shave feet, use the good razor and cream or a skin for shaving (also liquid soap or shampoo will approach).
  5. After shaving or depilation smear skin with the moisturizing cream.
  6. Remember that after an epilation epidermis needs special leaving. Exclude long stay on the sun, refuse for couple of days a sunbed, carefully select means for leaving.
  7. If you suffer from the grown hairs, after procedure each 2-3 days clear skin a srub. He will help to remove parts of fat and the become lifeless sections, will make epidermis softer and more gentle. It is possible to apply the house or bought srubs.

Emergence of black or red points – a frequent problem among women who do an epilation in house conditions. If to follow simple rules, it is possible to reduce risk of their emergence as much as possible. Besides, knowing how to clean red points standing, you will be able always to look perfectly.