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Remedy for the grown hair after an epilation: how not to start a skin disease

What remedy for the grown hair after an epilation to get not to worry on such questions? Fight against this unpleasant moment is conducted by means of different structures. Methods of elimination of such deviations exists much, but it is worth understanding their productivity.

Remedy for the grown hair after an epilation: how not to start a skin disease

Unpleasant deviations

Removal of the grown hair by means of cosmetology means is rather difficult process. Not all manage to cope with a problem such products. Then against the grown hairs of the beauty use mechanical ways. There is a number of useful means which allow to facilitate current situation significantly.

Good means against filaments — preparations with glikolevy acid. Such products make the known cosmetic companies, and they enjoy popularity among users. The structure of means has impact on the top layers of an integument. Thanks to mitigation and clarification of a skin time the grown hairs are capable to reach easier and quicker a surface.

Remedy for the grown hair after an epilation: how not to start a skin disease From the grown hair after an epilation often use salicylic acid. It is applied on skin only in problem places. Means is on sale in any pharmaceutical point, it is much cheaper than professional cosmetic products.

Salicylic acid is applied 2 times a day within 4 days in a row. With its help it will be possible to clean deeply pores, to soften skin and to remove the become horny parts that promotes release of hairs. The preparation is capable to eliminate reddenings of skin, to prevent emergence of hems as a growing consequence.

Effective peeling

Emergence of the grown hair happens much less often if regularly apply body scrubs. During daily receptions of a shower it is necessary to use a bast. In the course of washing it is necessary to process well all sites of skin, especially it concerns problem zones.

By means of a peeling it is possible to achieve positive result as fast as possible. In specialized shops the set of srubs is on sale, however the means made in house conditions are considered as not less effective.

Remedy for the grown hair after an epilation: how not to start a skin disease Among ingredients which use for creation of srubs, it is possible to allocate the following: granulated sugar, oat flakes, salt, coffee. It is necessary to apply salt to a peeling with extra care. There is a high probability of painful reaction of the inflamed epidermis sites to its influence.

The coffee srub enjoys the greatest popularity. Because of a rough consistence there is a possibility of an instant arrangement of some grown hair after an epilation on a surface. To prepare coffee means, it is necessary to use a thick. Add 1 tablespoon of olive or sunflower oil, a small amount of usual gel for a body to it. As additional components it is authorized to include essential oils, granulated sugar in structure.

The received srub is used for a tonization and pulling up of skin, it has positive impact on problem zones. If regularly to apply it, it is possible to reduce manifestation of cellulitis significantly. From the grown hair the coffee srub is used every 3-4 day.

Than to use?

Growing of filaments — a widespread problem. This symptom fatally doesn't threaten health of the person. However at emergence of inflammatory processes the suitable environment for emergence and development of pathogenic microbes is created. The infection gets in an organism through gnoynichka round the grown hair. At some people they leave hems and unattractive spots.

Remedy for the grown hair after an epilation: how not to start a skin disease From growing of hair it is possible to do compresses. For this purpose use medicinal herbs with anti-inflammatory properties.

If at depilation the correct arrangement of hairs was broken, for elimination of a problem it is possible to make lotion to help them to get through epidermis. Will be necessary for preparation: 2 tablets of aspirin, boiled water (100 ml), 1 h. l. glycerin. Ingredients carefully mix. The received structure wipe the damaged skin areas 2-3 times within a day. Manipulation is carried out until filaments don't sprout outside.

Against growing of hairs involve special creams, lotions of factory production which are irreplaceable for continuous moistening of an integument. If the problem already arose, for care of a body oil and cream of fat structure don't use as such means are capable to clog up pores. It is best of all to get preparations and cosmetics from natural components.

It will be possible to cope with deviations in the surgical way. It is a radical way. If there is no wish to go to such extremities, it is possible to use special ointments or gels. They provide mitigation of skin, provoking germination of hair.

Against the grown hairs the producer of Folisan creates the whole line of the products helping girls to look attractive.

Necessary information

Remedy for the grown hair after an epilation: how not to start a skin disease At superficial growing and lack of inflammations it is necessary to steam out an integument, and then to use a rigid bast or a synthetic glove for a shower. If to rub skin, it is possible to release some part of hair, considerably to facilitate an exit outside to other hairs.

In the presence of inflammatory processes it is necessary to apply means on skin. It is done by 2-3 days. Action of a preparation is directed on disposal of eels or skin rash. When the inflammation is eliminated, it is authorized to apply means which will remove hairs.

Sometimes use from growing of hair a mechanical way. Resort to it at too deep arrangement of hairs. It can be revealed on consolidations or reddenings. During manipulations use a medical needle, tweezers. For receiving positive result it is necessary to address to the skilled expert.

When the person acts independently, at first he has to steam out a site (damp, moderately hot compress is required), then to disinfect it at the expense of an antiseptic. Having removed a hair with tweezers, it is necessary to impose a compress for cooling.

Hlorgeksidin — a well-tried remedy from the grown hair which will peel the become horny epidermis. It is used after an epilation.


Having examined the main methods, having learned the best ways, it is possible to remove quickly and without serious consequences incorrectly located hairs. But it is better not to allow emergence of such negative moments and it is correct to carry out procedure of an epilation.