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Serum for growth of eyelashes

Eyes become much more expressive, if the line of growth of eyelashes dark and dense. To give to hairs of beauty and a bend, serum for growth of eyelashes which is suitable both for density giving, and for blackout is often used.


Serum is means for growth of eyelashes which is characterized by small density and fast action. There is a set of analogs of such preparations: oils, cream, drop. But serums are the most preferable and safe. In many respects, because they quickly get deep into hairs, promoting their restoration and activization of bulbs.

Serums are classified by the operating components and action. On the operating components they can be divided on vitaminized, vegetable and chemical. Respectively, the first are enriched with vitamins and minerals, the second extracts of various plants, and the third artificially received substances.

Serum for growth of eyelashes

Photo – eyelash Serum

As action happen:

  1. The nutritious. Will be ideally suited for restoration of normal growth of hairs after building or a chemical wave. They promote filling of emptiness in hairs which appear after heat or chemical treatment, reduce their porosity and help to give a natural bend. Here Avon Anew Lash-Transforming Mascara + Serum (Avon), Catrice Lash plus Growth, GENIVE Lash Natural growth Stimulator Serum Eyelash Eyebrow Grow Longer Thicker and others belong;
  2. The medical. Are appointed doctors and help to restore the line of growth. Often as a result of stresses, jumps of hormones or mechanical influences of an eyelash start dropping out strongly and simply don't manage to grow. To get rid of such problems it is necessary to provide them regular protection and special leaving. It is professional Markell Eyes Care, active serum of Aleran, Kareprost, Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 (Vichy), APOT.CARE etc.;
  3. Strengthening and intensifying growth. Are applied to normal eyelashes which need to give a little density. Often contain the active agents which are growth activators and auxiliary which help to protect hairs from negative impact of environment. It is Alovivi Vilash Serum Premium, RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum, Faberlic Lash plus (Faberlik), Feg Eyelash Enhancer and other. Such means have analogs – eyelash gels.

How to use

Any serum (which is looking after, medical or nutritious) has own instruction on application. Depending on appointment they can be put for the night, under ink or even instead of it (some producers let out production which can shade hairs).

The instruction how to use medical serum for growth of eyelashes of TianDe PRO Visage (Tiande):

  1. Special substances which get into the middle of a hair and a bulb thanks to what growth is accelerated are a part of such means. Therefore it is necessary to apply them only on pure sites. Before use it is necessary to wipe the line of growth by micellar water or any other degreasing means without alcohol;
  2. After it is necessary to wipe eyelashes and skin round eyes a wadded disk to clean excess moisture;
  3. Serum is applied on completely dry hairs by means of a brush or a brush. Surely start imposing solution from tips of eyelashes – so it will be distributed most evenly and won't get on the mucous;
  4. If gel-serum (we will tell, Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel – Talika or Mavala Double-lash – Mavala) is applied, it is necessary to apply it separately and on the line of growth;
  5. The product is left for night, and is washed away by a skin or gel for washing in the morning.

Thus, the eyelash serum having cosmetic or nutritious appointment for acceleration of growth can be used even as a basis under ink. Some firms even note it in instructions on use. Principle of drawing just the same.

On pure filaments means is smeared, after some minutes for its absorption are expected. Are painted with a trace of an eye, as usual.

Video: 3 in 1 Eveline serum

Review of brands

One of leaders of the market is serum for eyelashes of Almea Xlash Eyelash Serum – responses claim that it provides not only the intensive growth, but also their blackout. The main operating component is extract of leaves of an usma which is used for activization of the sleeping bulbs. It is recommended to apply means for the night.

Serum for growth of eyelashes


Shiseido Full Lash Serum (Shiseydo) – the unique restoring serum with argininy. The main operating component is the irreplaceable amino acid taking the most active part in formation of eyelashes. Solution is applied on tips and at roots. Also extract of a zizifus which possesses the excellent regenerating properties is a part and helps to accelerate process of restoration of cages.

Serum for growth of eyelashes


Platinus Lashes (Platinus Lash) – a novelty in the cosmetology market. Possesses high efficiency, but thus is completely hypoallergenic. Helps to accelerate process of formation of new bulbs and "to wake" the old. It can be used as well for eyebrows.

Serum for growth of eyelashes


The strengthening L'OREAL Renewal Lash Serum serum (Loreal) is urged to restore quickly hairs after building or a wave. It can be applied as prevention at daily waves of eyelashes by nippers. Known for two active components: extract of an Asian tsentella and argininy.

Serum for growth of eyelashes


Almost unique on a ratio the price – quality serum is offered by the Eveline Cosmetics company (Evelyn) – Eyelashes Concentrated Serum Mascara Primer 3 In 1. It consists of specially developed Bio-Restore Complex complex. It is based on exclusively vegetable components. Responses at forums claim that at regular use the result will become noticeable in 3 weeks. Its analog is Advance Volumiere Bio Restore Complex. It is recommended to alternate them among themselves.

Serum for growth of eyelashes


The Saem Saemmul Boosting Ample Mascara serum belongs to medicinal products. She not only prevents fragility of hairs, but also practically eliminates their loss. Thus, growth and restoration of follicles is considerably accelerated. In the Korean solution natural essential oils, and also, plant extracts and extracts are used.

Serum for growth of eyelashes

Photo – The Saem

The growth factor of eyelashes from Advanced Lash (Edvans Lash) is an excellent serum with the checked efficiency, but not everyone is able to afford to buy it. The matter is that bioactive components are its part: here acids, eyelash oils, vegetable components. On average, it yields results already 3 weeks of regular application later, but the producer claims that the best result will be visible 2 months of application later. It costs nearly 60 dollars. Cheaper analog – not less known conditioner for growth of RevitaLash® Eyelash Conditioner (Revitalash).

Serum for growth of eyelashes


Active serum for the intensive growth of eyelashes and eyebrows from Aleran is the whole complex of vegetable components which promote fast restoration and formation of bulbs. At the expense of completely natural structure, the product is hypoallergenic. This cosmetics is considered almost only way to restore the line of growth after full loss.

Xeno Laboratory Delashious – the biostimulating concentrated serum of the Ukrainian production. Treats organic cosmetics since almost completely consists of natural components. It is used both in the form of a preventive product, and as cure for loss of hairs.

Serum basis from Dior Diorshow Maximizer (Dior) can be used under ink or other cosmetics. It is applied to increase in volume and density. Consists of acids and Pantenol. Its cheaper analog is Mister Lash Booster from Givenchy. If more natural structure is necessary, it is better to look narrowly at MAC.

Serum for growth of eyelashes


Belita-Viteks PREMIUM – the Belarusian serum combining a basis, the restoring means and the activator of growth. It is applied at violation of work of bulbs, it is capable to renew a phase of active growth even at the sleeping hairs.

Vivifying serum from Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum (Mary Kay) is suitable for daily application and prevention of loss and fragility of hairs. It is used for eyebrows. Makes active bulbs and considerably darkens natural color. On action it is similar to more expensive ADONIA LashAlive Serum Adonia Organics.

Serum for growth of eyelashes

Mary Kay

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