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Shatush on short hair: equipment, shades (PHOTO)

Coloring shatush is one of modern variations of highlighting at which slightly below than roots locks get out and otkrashivatsya with transition from more dark to lighter shade. The purpose of the girls choosing coloring shatush – effect of the hair which burned out on the sun. Many masters consider that shatush on short hair you shouldn't do. Whether truth it? Today the site %host of % will open all secrets of difficult coloring.

Shatush on short hair: equipment, shades (PHOTO)

Advantages of coloring shatush

Modern coloring has the mass of advantages. Among them:

  1. Looks very naturally;
  2. Gives to hair volume;
  3. Does a face fresh and had a rest;
  4. It is capable to emphasize beauty of a short hairstyle;
  5. Will suit hair of any type, without doing them harm;
  6. Doesn't demand continuous correction.

Features of coloring on short hair

The competent hairdresser is capable to create a miracle - on short hair shatush can look at all not worse, than on the long. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some subtleties of work:

  • Complexity of equipment – short hair create a problem – much more difficult to choose a lock. Therefore the master has to be very careful, achieve harmonious and symmetric coloring it will be difficult;
  • Coloring brightness – on short hair shatush can look more brightly, provocatively. It should be considered;
  • Procedure duration – doesn't change. It will make about 50 minutes. Let hair well, but it is required to time for a choice of a lock enough.

Paint shade choice for shatush

This coloring demands very competent choice of color of paint. Shatush assumes naturalness therefore color shouldn't differ from the natural strongly. Owners of short hair of different shades should choose the next colors of paint.

Shatush and short dark hair – will be suitable for tips of hair shades:

  • The chestnut
  • The honey
  • The golden
  • The wheat
  • Cognac
  • Nut
  • The fair-haired.

Shatush and a short fair hair – for tips of hair choose among shades:

  • The wheat
  • The ashy
  • Nut
  • The golden
  • Caramel
  • The pearl
  • The cream

Shatush and short red hair – to owners of a fiery head of hear was lucky less. The choice of shades is limited. Masters recommend to choose a shade of paint two tones lighter or are more dark than initial color of a hairdress.

Shatush on short hair: equipment, shades (PHOTO)

Shatush on short hair: equipment, shades (PHOTO)

Shatush on short hair: equipment, shades (PHOTO)

Shatush on short hair: equipment, shades (PHOTO)

Types of coloring

Shatush traditionally divide into two look: with a pile and without. What technology of performance of these types of painting of hair?

  • With a pile – the master divides a head of hear into a set of small locks, each of which is combed. The chosen paint is applied on the combed locks. At desire it is possible to process hair clarifier before work, so locks will look brighter.
  • Without pile – this equipment is more difficult performed by therefore it is possible to trust it only to the professional hairdresser. In this case locks aren't combed. The master accurately stretches color from roots to tips. It is the hard procedure demanding high concentration of attention.

How to prepare hair for painting?

Though this coloring also is sparing, hair should be prepared for it surely. A month before procedure make a course of nutritious masks for hair. Refuse for this time use of laying means. Just before coloring refresh the hairstyle. You should have no split ends, they will give an untidy look. You don't come to coloring with clean hair, after washing has to pass at least one day.


It is best of all to carry out coloring in salon. However if you have an experience and you are completely sure of own forces, it is possible to carry out procedure in house conditions. What will be required?

  • Paint of the chosen shade
  • Clarifier
  • Brush for paint
  • Capacity for mixing
  • Hairbrush with rare teeths
  • Clips for hair.

So, how coloring on a short hairstyle is carried out?

  1. Divide hair into parts (a nape, temples and a cinciput) and fix clips.
  2. Comb carefully all locks at the roots. It will allow to create space through which paint won't get to roots.
  3. Mix clarifier in a bowl and apply it on some locks. Choose locks for a color independently. 10 minutes later wash away structure warm water.
  4. Take the clarified lock and again comb it. Put the paint shade chosen by you previously. Apply paint on necessary quantity of locks.
  5. In 40 minutes wash away paint.
  6. Apply the looking after balm, wait until it works, wash away balm.

The technician shatush with a pile can make independently houses, and here without pile only the professional in salon is capable to master coloring option!

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Leaving after procedure

If you don't want to subject the hairstyle to a stress, don't forget about the correct leaving after coloring. Surely get special shampoo and a dyed hair conditioner. There are also brands offering shampoo for the melirovannykh of hair, it will approach even better.

Don't wash the head with very hot water. Use means for laying which have silicone in structure. Do nutritious masks and try not to subject hair to influence of direct sunshine.

And you would like to try shatush, whether such technology of coloring is pleasant to you? Share opinions in comments!