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Signs of qualitative glue for eyelashes. Basic rules of a choice

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How to choose good glue for eyelash extension

Long eyelashes are capable to change any of girls. They give to a look expressiveness and depth, optically correct a section of eyes, do shape romantic and gentle. The problem of short eyelashes is solved in the different ways, one of them today – building. Reliably to connect artificial eyelashes with natural, it is necessary to pick up correctly glue for eyelashes. It has to be strong, safe, convenient in work. Before purchase examine versions and characteristics of glue structures for eyelashes, features of their practical use.


Signs of qualitative glue for eyelashes. Basic rules of a choice



We will transfer the main signs of ideal funds for fixing of artificial eyelashes.

  1. Hypoallergenicity. In good glue there are no toxic, aggressive substances therefore it doesn't cause irritation of mucous membranes of eyes and gentle skin of eyelids.
  2. Obscurity. Without it it is difficult to create a perfect make-up of eyes. Glue of poor quality does eyelashes rough, leaves spots on skin.
  3. Moisture resistance, to an ultraviolet, high temperature. These properties help to increase term socks of false eyelashes. The gluing structure holding their less than two weeks treats low-grade means.
  4. High level of adhesion. Glue with the similar characteristic quickly sticks to hairs. The maximum time of sticking — no more than 3 minutes though the increase in this indicator for the brands of glue which aren't demanding previously degreasing a century is allowed.
  5. Lack of a pungent "chemical" smell. Otherwise – at a formula there are formaldehydes hazardous to health.
  6. Fast drying. Fast drying of glue provides eyelash extension performance speed.
  7. Liquid consistence. Professional practicians prefer as liquid glue – conveniently to work with it, despite the high speed of hardening.


Glue structures: of the past to the present


The technology of piece eyelash extension appeared in 2003, then artificial hairs started fixing to the basis of natural eyelashes, but not by a century. Special glue which players are constantly changed since then was developed for performance of procedure. Producers improve means of fixing to make them more effective and safer. Nevertheless, in a distribution network different options of glue structures still meet, it is worth examining pluses and which minuses in more detail.

  1. Glue of the first generation. Its main component is the vegetable or synthetic pitch painting glue in black color and allowing to mask ideally border between natural and false eyelashes. In due time resinous glue for eyelashes was very popular thanks to the durability: it reliably fixes not only hairs, but also bunches. Pitch perfectly resists to moisture, a wind, sunshine. Option shortcomings — the big density and viscosity, it is contraindicated to allergic persons in connection with the content of latex
  2. Glue of the second generation. In it instead of pitch used the rubber powder which considerably reduced risk of emergence of allergic reactions. A weak place of this option – long drying (10-20 c). Besides the gluing means should be stirred up before application as powder isn't dissolved in a filler. Upon purchase it is necessary to consider that means differs in quite short period of storage.
  3. Glue of the third generation. The cosmetic soot which isn't demanding preliminary hashing of structure is the cornerstone of its composition. The liquid structure, high glutinosity, lack of lumps, possibility of correction, a long expiration date – are that advantages of the latest means to fixing. Besides, developers relieved it of harmful components, a caustic smell. The only minus – fast drying. It is necessary to glue eyelashes very quickly and precisely as for correction of time simply doesn't remain.


It is important! High speed of hardening of glue demands perfect possession of skills of eyelash extension.Structures of the class "Extra" will be suitableforprofessionals: they polymerizewithin two seconds, eyelashes don't demand additional drying. In house conditions it is better to apply the means of the Ultra brand grabbing within five seconds.


Kinds of modern glue for eyelashes, popular brands


The classification given below is made on the basis of the analysis of offers in the market of the gluing structures for eyelashes and allows to define more precisely spheres of their application. So, we present to a kind of glue depending on its consumer qualities.

  1. The standard. It is universal for any make-up as has neutral color. When drawing it white, and after hardening becomes transparent. Standard glue is suitable for the artificial eyelashes having the most various shades allows to apply ink and an eyeliner of any color.
  2. The black. It doesn't change the initial color after polymerization, does black eyelashes more volume and bright. To disguise glue, it is desirable to do a black eyeliner and a smoky make-up.
  3. Ekstraprochny, waterproof. Most often it is made on the basis of silicone. Thanks to a strong glue basis and specific texture it is capable to hold dense types of eyelashes and their bunches. Glue doesn't lose elasticity even in case eyelashes are exposed to mechanical influence. The increased hairs keep stable situation all the time, they should be corrected periodically, but it isn't necessary to delete almost.

According to polls of users the rating of the most popular glue structures for eyelash extension and what it is better for you – to solve is made.


Signs of qualitative glue for eyelashes. Basic rules of a choice


  • Duo glue. It is the American best-seller on a latex basis, known around the world and holding eyelashes even when using in the minimum quantities.


Two kinds of glue are issued: black and white. Lovers of color eyeliners prefer the second option expanding possibilities of use of liners of various tones and hiding the small flaws allowed by beginners. Dark glue perfectly fits into the classical make-up which is carried out in dark blue, brown, smoky tones. When carrying lenses or in the presence of an allergy it is worth getting bezlateksny glue to which the special brush is applied.

According to users, all types of glue of this brand possess the qualities declared in summaries, have easy texture in combination with high durability. There are no pungent smells, when using eyes don't water, skin isn't irritated, there is no feeling of tightness.

  • Vivienne glue. It is represented by the South Korean producer who is working at the market of nearly 7 years and having a wide distribution network in Russia. Advantages of this brand – hypoallergenicity of all types of glue, fast polymerization (3 c), plasticity and ease of drawing, simplicity of correction. According to poll of consumers, after gluing by means of Vivienne of the Extra eyelash not less than three weeks stay put.
  • Sky glue. It is recognized as the best among the budgetary options of glue structures for eyelashes (the producer – South Korea). The liquid consistence facilitates procedure of drawing means, thus eyelashes don't stick together among themselves. Hardening of glue happens within 3 seconds, fixing strong: if eyelashes qualitative, it is possible to carry them to 1,5 months. Thanks to an advanced formula evaporations during gluing are minimized. The majority of positive comments is received about a kind of Sky Super.

Such famous brands of glue are in demand also: Lady Victory, Ultra Plus,  Dolce Vita.



How not to be mistaken with a choice


Usually producers of eyelashes apply the firm gluing structure to the production, however its qualitative characteristics not always meet the modern requirements. Agree, not really conveniently constantly to watch eyelashes and for day to add on them glue. It is better to get means for fixing separately, having picked up it for such criteria

  • Make-up type. Black glue is in harmony with an evening or daily dark make-up.
  • Weather conditions. If you spend the most part of time in the open air, give preference to waterproof glue.
  • Brand of eyelashes. It is noticed that most long they rush when using of the gluing structure from the producer of the same name.

It is important! Use services only of the checked sellers with faultless reputation. Getting glue, be convinced available instructions in Russian (this confirmation of certification of goods). Find information on an expiration date and if it is absent – refuse purchase. Be convinced that packing isn't damaged, differently the period of storage will considerably be reduced. You keep the bought means in a cool place (usually in the instruction the mode from +3 to +5os is specified).