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Skin on the sun scorched: what to do? The help at solar burns

The summer is not only a season of rest and country works. The warm time can be saddened by receiving solar burns, which accompanying illness – a heatstroke. Skin inflames, reddens, body temperature increases, there is a headache.

The solar burn can develop at long stay on the sun even in the morning. If in time to give help, consequences will be not too heavy, and pain minimum.

First aid

If on skin there were reddenings, and touches are followed by pain, so there were first symptoms of a solar burn. The first that it is necessary to make after their emergence – to fade into the background not to subject already affected areas to ultra-violet influence.

After that it is desirable to cool skin, avoiding sharp contrast of temperatures. It is possible to make a compress with cool water and baking soda. Also cool compresses can be done with broth of a camomile, green tea. If there are no open wounds and damages, the skin which scorched on the sun well is helped by essential oils of a lavender, a tea tree and mint. 12 drops of essential oil of a lavender on 1 tablespoon of cool water to mix, well to vzboltat and it is possible to apply on the burned skin sites.

Skin on the sun scorched: what to do? The help at solar burns

If extensive sites are struck, it is possible to take slightly heat bath, previously having parted in water a small amount of baking soda (2-3 tablespoons on a bathtub). Baths can be taken and with essential oils, or a lavender to mix 10 drops of a camomile with 2 tablespoons of oil jojoba and 1 tablespoon of honey. Such bathtub gives relief, removes reddenings and pain.

By no means it is impossible to use srubs and rigid basts as skin and is so injured, and it can cause additional traumatizing with the subsequent inflammation.

Skin on the sun scorched. Treatment

For fast restoration of integuments it is necessary to use special means with the anesthetizing and restoring action. Before it it is possible to use the cooling compress, having moistened a soft towel with cool green tea.

By no means it is impossible to use oils from suntan. Similar preparations aren't intended for treatment of consequences of solar burns and will only slow down healing process. It is possible to use the moisturizing cream.

If except reddening of skin and emergence of pain body temperature increases, there is a dryness in a mouth and a strong headache, so the solar burn is followed by a heatstroke. In this case it is desirable to address to the doctor as, most likely, reception of the additional anesthetizing preparations is required.

Use of medicines

There is a huge amount of the medicines intended for treatment of solar burns. They promote mitigation of integuments, their moistening and fast restoration. If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to consult with the doctor concerning this or that preparation.

In case of emergency or being it is far from medical care, for example, in the time spent outside the city, some medical preparations can be used independently. For this purpose before a trip it is necessary to get a preparation, having attentively read the instruction and having studied features of application.

In medicines the most often used preparations are a hydrocortisone and dekspantenol. The hydrocortisone belongs to hormonal preparations. It helps to reduce puffiness, to eliminate an inflammation, an itch and pain. Dekspantenol is the vitamin dissolved in water, stimulating cell regeneration and accelerating healing of integuments. The majority of means from solar burns contains the analgetics promoting anesthesia. The most widespread preparations which are used at the skin which scorched on the sun — "Pantenol", "Bepanten", Aloe Vera gel, Eveline S.O.S cream. To kill pain and temperature it is possible to accept an ibuprofen.

Skin on the sun scorched: what to do? The help at solar burns

Also effective action sea-buckthorn oil with addition of essential oil of a lavender possesses. To add 12-15 drops of essential oil of a lavender to a tablespoon of sea-buckthorn oil, to apply with a thick layer on the scorched skin.

From natural gel of an aloe it is possible to prepare cubes of ice and periodically to grease the injured skin during the day.