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Tar hair soap: useful properties and features of use

Dream of each woman – magnificent hair. Still for a long time applied tar soap to giving of density and softness to hair of the woman. Tar – miracle gift of the nature which, thanks to the unique vegetable properties, helps not only to keep beauty and force of hair, but also is applied at various diseases of hair bulbs and head skin. The site %host of % will tell about advantage of tar soap and about features of its application.

Tar hair soap: useful properties and features of use

Natural effect of tar

Tar soap possesses unique natural properties thanks to which even a dim and brittle hair finds force and health.

  • eliminates a skin itch;
  • corrects work of sebaceous glands that considerably reduces fat content of hair;
  • helps to eliminate dandruff, seborrhea and other skin diseases of the head;
  • strengthens a hair follicle and structure of a hair that is especially actual in the period of avitaminosis in the spring;
  • accelerates growth of hair;
  • actively restores hair, sating them with natural vitamins;

The natural composition of soap allows to use it to allergic persons and people with hypersensibility of head skin.

Correct use of tar soap

To use soap for strengthening and improvement of hair it is possible at any age. For receiving the maximum advantage of use of soap it is necessary to adhere to simple recommendations:

  1. When washing hair use only soapsuds. It isn't recommended to allow contact of hair and the piece of soap. The matter is that tar is very concentrated and only adjoining to water and turning into foam, positively affects hair and head skin.
  2. It isn't necessary to wash hair with soap too long is can lead to a head skin peresushivaniye. It is enough to keep soapsuds on hair of 3 - 7 minutes.
  3. To rinse hair, washing away soap, it is necessary a large number warm water, previously having added to it lemon acid or acetic solution (2,5 tablespoons on 2 l of water). It will help to eliminate a caustic smell of tar and will make hair soft.
  4. It isn't recommended to apply soap with tar for a long time as it can lead to a siccation of tips of hair. The optimum course for improvement of hair lasts 30 – 35 days. After that it is necessary to make monthly having rummaged.
  5. Tar causes allergic reaction therefore it is recommended to carry out before use of soap allergotest in some people. Apply soapsuds on an elbow and leave for 12 - 17 minutes. If during this time the redness, irritation and an itch didn't appear, you can start care of hair.
  6. At the beginning of soap use hair can be rigid, disobedient and dim. It occurs because they didn't get used to natural leaving yet. It is possible to use a skin or balm for rinsing of hair. After several use of soap hair will find force and gloss.
  7. It is better to wash hair with soft water, so components of tar work more effectively. In the presence of hard water it is desirable to soften it by means of the filter.

Curative masks for hair on the basis of tar soap

Brings benefit not only usual washing of the head tar soap, but also use of various nutritious masks on its basis. Interacting with various components of masks, tar strengthens the nutritious, restoring and improving functions.

Mask on the basis of tar soap and coconut oil

The mask promotes improvement of hair, eliminates the splitting ends, relieves head skin of dandruff.

For preparation of a mask it is required:

  • tar soap;
  • coconut oil;
  • lemon;
  • beer;
  • nettle.

Tar soap to crush, add to it 50 g of coconut oil and a glass of dark beer. In total carefully to move. Then to squeeze out in the turned-out weight juice from a half of a lemon and to put mix in a dark place for 30 minutes. To apply a mask on the clean moistened hair for 12 – 17 minutes, then to wash away nettle infusion.

Tar hair soap: useful properties and features of use

Mask on the basis of tar soap with an egg yolk and honey

The mask intensively strengthens hair follicles, feeds and restores the damaged tips.

Structure of a mask:

  • tar soap;
  • egg yolk;
  • honey;
  • vodka.

To mix 3,5 tablespoons of liquid tar soap with an egg yolk. To pour in 2 teaspoons of liquid flower honey. To put mix in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Then to pour in vodka teaspoons in the turned-out mix 3. Carefully to mix everything. The mask should be applied on clean dry hair for 25 - 35 minutes. To wash away a mask warm water with addition of 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

Mask with tar soap and birch sap

This mask effectively nourishes head skin, relieves hair of fragility and excessive fat content.

Tar soap, birch sap and burdock oil is a part of a mask.

To mix foam of tar soap with a glass of birch sap. To add 30 mg of burdock oil. 1 time in 4 days is recommended to apply a mask. It is necessary to apply mix on moist hair then it is necessary to wrap up the head a towel or a scarf and to leave for 45 minutes. To wash out hair a large amount of warm water.

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