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Equipment of the correct make-up step by step

Many of women would like to know how it is necessary to do the correct make-up. In this article we will in detail tell about equipment of the correct make-up step by step. It is optional to carry out all points of this instruction, you can pass some.

Time which will be required to you for implementation of this or that point, depends only on your purposes - if you, for example, intend to place strong emphasis on lips, and time for a make-up of lips will leave more. So, we will start.

  1. First, every time before drawing a make-up you have to moisten a face by means of the moisturizing cream and soften lips by means of balm. Remove surplus of the moistening means, having blotted a face and lips with a napkin. Then it is necessary to put on a face (including area of eyelids and a neck) a voice-frequency basis. It is best of all to use a voice-frequency basis which contains the reflecting particles which aren't allowing the person to look too fat.
  2. The following step is drawing under eyes and round concealer nose wings - the masking basis. The concealer has to be liquid or in the form of a pencil. You shouldn't use very fat or dense concealer since in this case wrinkles will be visually deeper. Also avoid too light masking basis, it is best of all to use a concealer or the same shade as your skin, or is one tone lighter. If your skin under eyes possesses a bluish shade, choose an orange shade of a concealer, if reddish, a green or yellow shade and if brownish, you are is ideally suited by a concealer of a pink shade.
  3. After that give dullness to the face, using a big brush and friable powder. Apply on eyelids of a shadow and disguise edges of drawing by means of powder. Also powder will help you to soften too dark layer of shadows.
  4. Apply ink on eyelashes. What mascara to choose? It is best of all to stop the choice on waterproof ink which provides firmness of a make-up under any conditions. If you want that your eyelashes became slightly bent before applying ink, use special tweezers. The brush from the used ink can be applied to combing of eyelashes. It is best of all to impose ink in one-two layers, no more, and on the lower eyelashes - no more than one layer.
  5. If you possess rather accurate and dense eyebrows, be limited to drawing on them special gel by means of a brush and if eyebrows demand coloring, by means of a pencil slightly bring them easy strokes.
  6. Blush for a day make-up has to correspond to such shade which skin gets in case of a natural flush. It is worth imposing blush also on area of emergence of a natural flush. Especially carefully select a brush for putting blush - it has to be rather thick and soft, and its form has to be roundish. For disposal of sharp borders of the applied blush besides use a little powder.
  7. For a make-up of lips use lipstick or a lip gloss. But in case of use of gloss keep in mind that it can easily spread or be erased. If you use a planimetric pencil for lips, the lip gloss won't suit you, only lipstick. After putting lipstick of a lip it is necessary to powder slightly. For a day make-up use neutrally pink or brownish colors of lipstick, for evening - more dark and bright.

So, having executed all above points, attentively look in a mirror at the turned-out image. If the layer of cosmetics is thicker, than it is necessary, brush away surplus a big and pure brush. Finally once again powder a face a little. The make-up is in due form ready!