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Councils for the correct care of various types of hair

Beautiful hair - the real ornament, both women, and men. The person is born with this gift of the nature, and long time perceives a thick and brilliant hair as a reality. It is vain! If at young age hair also don't demand special leaving as youth is beautiful in itself, further the negligent relation to hair can lead to serious problems. Hair need careful and careful leaving. Otherwise they grow dull, become fragile and take a pathetic form. Any hairdress won't look attractively. 

The first and, perhaps, the most important governed on care of hair is a purity. Dirty hair not only have a repellent appearance, but also can become a cause of illness. On head skin there is an irritation causing an itch, and when combing there can be a wound into which the infection easily gets. You shouldn't forget and about such unpleasant disease as a pediculosis, in common people - a louse. This infection and is very widespread today. The only prophylactic - perfect purity of hair.

Also the second rule - obligatory their careful combing daily (several times a day) a crest or a massage brush is not less important for care of hair. Except esthetic effect such procedure brings also obvious benefit as, massaging head skin, we thereby improve in it blood circulation and, as a result, we strengthen hair. With special care it is necessary to approach a hairbrush choice. It is very easy to injure hair and therefore teeths of a hairbrush shouldn't be sharp not to injure head skin, too dense and rough.

Hairbrushes firm, but easily bending are considered as the best. For example, ebonite or horn. Having chosen a hairbrush, it is necessary to remember also that short hair are combed from roots, and long from free tips. The confused long hair demand patience as they should be divided into locks and accurately combing, to untangle. Otherwise at sharp combing, they will simply tear. An important point in the address with long hair is also their obligatory careful combing before going to bed.

Long hair - the real decoration of the woman, but only in case of due care of them. For head skin and strengthening of hair combing by a massage brush is very useful. This very pleasant procedure affects soothingly all organism, improves blood circulation in head skin and by that promotes growth of hair. Five or ten minutes of such massage in day will bring only benefit. It is necessary to remember thus that head skin has to be healthy. By the way, a hairbrush or a massage brush - a subject of strictly individual use. Also it is necessary to watch its purity.

For the correct care of hair it is necessary to define at first, to what type they belong. Types of hair only three also differ they among themselves with character of a salootdeleniye of skin. Depending on this indicator distinguish a dry, normal and oily hair.

Dry hair - result of the lowered skin salootdeleniye, normal - moderate, and fat - raised. Depending on type of hair select also cosmetics for care of them. Of course, dream of any woman - normal hair. As a rule, they dense, not thin, slightly curling or direct, elastic and brilliant.

Normal hair are elastic, obedient when laying and their natural daily loss makes no more than 50 filaments. Such hair don't stick together in icicles and don't split on tips. Basic care behind them consists in careful combing and the contents in purity.

Oily hair delivers problems much more. Such hair stronger and thick by nature but if properly not to watch them, they gain unpleasant grease gloss and stick together in a lock. On head skin thus there are an itch and irritation. To keep an oily hair in an order, special leaving, and in certain cases even treatment is necessary.

Dry hair also demand special attention and care. Unlike two previous types, they not brilliant, but dim and thin, with split ends. On head skin at such type of hair there is an itch and dandruff is often formed. It is necessary to handle dry hair very carefully, as they weak and fragile.

Selection of the correct shampoo and frequency of washing of hair directly depend on their type. An oily hair should be washed considerably more often than the dry. Shampoos and hair balms contain the necessary improving additives which are well influencing this or that type of hair. It is worth paying attention and water in which wash hair.

It is more preferable to use soft water. For this purpose it is enough to add a little soda to simple tap water - from calculation: 0,5 teaspoons on 1 liter of water. Our grandmothers for washing of hair could use rain or thawed snow, but in the conditions of modern ecology, especially in the cities, is is inadmissible. After washing wet hair can't be dried hot air as thus they can become fragile and splitting. Also the hot hair dryer is for the same reason inadmissible.

It is most correct to wind moist hair with a warm towel and to dry up them at the room temperature. In a modern rhythm of life it is difficult to do without hair dryer after all. Well, then it is necessary to get the hair dryer with function of supply of cold air. Such drying won't do to hair harm. The beauty, even given by nature, is all the same work and daily careful leaving.