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Foundation - a make-up basis: correction of a shape of a face, skin color

Before to make something, it is necessary to know some rules. The basis is a body of a make-up. It helps to level, correct some defects of the person and to protect face skin from external influences.

It is necessary to choose foundation proceeding from type of your skin:

  • For normal and dry skin we choose a basis in the form of cream on a fat basis
  • For fat skin the basis in the form of paste with salicylic acid (it dries skin and interferes with emergence of inflammations) or compact powder is necessary.
  • At the mixed type of skin it is possible to use both types of a basis.

Tone is selected under skin color or is slightly lighter:

  • Pale skin will be refreshed by foundation of peach color
  • For the reddish person use beige tone with a subtle green shade
  • If complexion has a gray shade, it can be recovered a pink shade

By means of a basis it is possible to correct or modify a shape of a face:

  • Visually to reduce wide cheekbones, having applied dark tone on lateral areas
  • To reduce a sharp chin lighter tone
  • We narrow a wide shape of a nose the light line in the middle and dark on each side
  • Round shape of a face pritemnyay on each side
  • If a square shape of a face - pritemnyay the lower jaw
  • Triangular form - pritemnyay a chin and a forehead

Technology of putting foundation

Foundation - a make-up basis: correction of a shape of a face, skin color In order that the basis under a make-up laid down exactly, the face should be cleaned at first, then to put the moisturizing cream on a face and to allow it to be absorbed 5-7 minutes. Foundation is squeezed out on a palm and to be applied with a middle finger on the middle of a forehead, slightly pounding a basis on all width of a forehead. From temples it is necessary to put a basis down to a chin.

Imposing foundation, it is necessary to remember that the direction is conducted from a nose to ears. An even layer we impose foundation on cheeks, eyelids, lips, a chin. Slightly we apply on a neck to level transition from the face to a neck.

We delete the remained cream with a napkin, having slightly blotted a face. The basis always has to correspond to skin color. Correctly to pick up color, it is necessary to apply a basis at first on the palm back. Having convinced that color of foundation coincides with skin color, it is possible to use it and for the person. The result is checked at natural and artificial lighting. For a festive make-up it is possible to apply on cheekbones, eyelids and a forehead in addition a highlighter to create effect of shine of skin.