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What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Unfortunately, not each of us was given by nature smart eyelashes therefore it is necessary to resort to their building. It will help to make shape more attractive, to give to a look a deep water and expressiveness. Such procedure requires special glue which will give the chance reliably and safely to fix artificial eyelashes. There is a lot of types of the fixing structures. How not to make the wrong choice, what glue for eyelash extension the best?

Good glue for eyelashes: what it

The concept qualitative usually designates a set of certain properties which this or that product has to possess. And the fixing structures for fixing of eyelashes have to meet certain requirements, after all they are applied on the area directly adjacent to an eye which is very sensitive.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Properties of qualitative glue

  • Hypoallergenicity is very important property because the structure shouldn't cause irritation or allergic reactions.
  • High resistance to such influences as moisture, ultraviolet, the increased temperatures.
  • Reliability – qualitative structure without problems holds artificial eyelashes more than two weeks.
  • High level of adhesion, that is good sticking to hairs of eyelashes.
  • Fast drying of glue which provides the speed of building and safety.
  • Liquid consistence which allows to use a minimum of structure for fixing of artificial hairs.
  • Lack of a pungent smell – it says that dangerous substances aren't a part of this glue.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Kinds of glue structures

Means for fixing of artificial eyelashes are issued in a big variety today. It is possible to allocate their types depending on color, reliability and the speed of fixing, a consistence.

Color of glue

On color the fixing structure for eyelashes can be neutral or black. Neutral glue is universal because after hardening becomes transparent. Such structure can be used for eyelashes of any shade, and after building any make-up will approach. Black glue after hardening remains black, it will help to make eyes brighter and expressive. It is better for burning brunettes to use the black fixing structure with black eyelashes, then they after building will look most naturally. If own eyelashes of other shade, it is necessary to mask glue. It can be done by means of black ink, a black eyeliner and a smoky make-up.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Stability and reliability of fixing

The composition of glue defines reliability of fixing. Today the producer offers us, both usual types of glue for eyelash extension, and ekstraprochny and waterproof. The fixing structures of high reliability are issued on the basis of silicone. Such glue has a special consistence which allows it to hold not only separate hairs, but also bunches of eyelashes, it will be suitable for volume eyelash extension. Reliability of fixing is shown in resistance of hairs to mechanical influences, they keep a constant form which needs to be corrected only a little from time to time.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Drying speed

Speed of fixing of glue is important for eyelashes from the point of view of the level of skill of the one who carries out this procedure. If it is carried out by the professional, means of instant fixing are, as a rule, used. If you want to make everything, it is worth choosing glue for eyelash extension which dries longer to manage to correct something.


The glue consistence for fixing of artificial eyelashes can be liquid or dense (glue-pitch). Dense glue, as a rule, belongs to production of the first generation and costs cheaper than liquid types. He lays down on eyelashes a dense bed and dries more long than the liquid. It is convenient from the point of view of possibility of correction of unsuccessfully attached hairs. Besides, such glue structures reliably attach artificial hairs, are steady against moisture. However they have an essential shortcoming: the pitches which are their part do glue highly allergenic that forces to refuse such structure. The liquid structure for fixing lays down thinner layer, remains is imperceptible, the majority of glues of a liquid consistence is modern, absolutely safe production.

How to make a right choice

Good glue for eyelash extension will help to carry out this procedure as fast as possible and qualitatively. "New" eyelashes will look attractively, and any of us will feel more surely. To choose the most suitable glue, it is necessary to consider some moments.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Three simple rules:

  1. Black glue is pertinent in combination with a dark make-up if you don't want to carry such make-up constantly, give preference to colourless glue.
  2. Consider your way of life: if you spend on the street much time, it is necessary to choose waterproof brands.
  3. False eyelashes will "rush" more long if to get glue of the same producer.

In the following video you will be able to study the review of glue for eyelash extension:

On what to pay attention:

  • Existence of the certificate of conformity to quality.
  • Integrity of packing, after all glue is stored in the opened bottle very short time.
  • Expiration date. It is necessary to be convinced that production which you want to buy, isn't delayed. The productions given about date and periods of storage are always specified on packing.
  • Way of storage. The place has to be cool and protected from hit of sunshine.
  • The instruction has to be translated into Russian. This indirect confirmation of quality. If the translation of the instruction is made with gross blunders, once such production trusts, after all the serious producer won't afford it.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

If you want to choose the best glue for eyelash extension, consider these simple recommendations and never buy such production in doubtful places. If you already have a checked seller and the checked brand, it is worth changing them in case of any problems with quality of goods or with your reaction to its use.

Popular production

According to clients and masters in eyelash extension it is possible to allocate some gluing structures which possess enough positive properties and allow to fix safely and reliably artificial eyelashes.


This gluing material is made in South Korea and is known around the world, it belongs to the class a premium, won the popularity owing to quality and good results. Glue for eyelashes of this brand costs an average of 44 USD.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Advantages of DOLCE VITA glue:

  • Hypoallergenicity,
  • Liquid consistence and easy drawing,
  • Good skhvatyvaniye of artificial eyelashes with native, thus, the next eyelashes don't stick together with each other,
  • Fixing of eyelashes till 5 weeks,
  • Skhvatyvaniye of glue in 2 seconds,
  • Wide choice of glue of various types and full line of production, including artificial eyelashes, special fixers and means on leaving.

Reviews of glue:

Maria: Glue was pleasant to me, it costs the money, after all during building doesn't irritate eyes at all, and eyelashes to keep the whole month.

Svetlana: "DOLCE VITA" – my assistant because eyelashes at me by nature rare and short, and this glue attaches artificial hairs accurately and imperceptibly. During building there are no unpleasant feelings.


One more premium representative – glue for eyelash extension of "VIVIENNE". Is issued, as well as previous, in the South Korean company. The producer offers quite wide product range, differing on structure, speed and to duration of fixing. The price of a product depends on its version, but average cost makes about 30 USD.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types

Positive VIVIENNE properties:

  • Plasticity,
  • Convenience in work,
  • Fixing of eyelashes within 4-6 weeks,
  • Skhvatyvaniye in 2-3 seconds,
  • Hypoallergenicity.

Reviews of the fixing structures of "VIVIENNE":

Evgenia: Most VIVIENNE Extra" was pleasant "because ideally to stick to an eyelash, and the refrigerator for the opened packing isn't necessary.


Glue too is made for eyelash extension of "SKY" in South Korea. This product belongs to more budgetary options as its average price makes about 24 USD.

What glue for eyelash extension the best: structure and types


  • Easy consistence,
  • Strong fixing of an artificial eyelash,
  • Absence of unpleasant feelings during procedure,
  • Skhvatyvaniye of glue in 3 seconds.

Despite the low price of this product, it is possible to call it qualitative and reliable. However It should be noted such feature as insistence to storage conditions.

Reviews of glue for eyelashes from SKY firm:

Sofia: As to the master in eyelash extension of "SKY" it was pleasant to me, to me conveniently to work with it. Also clients because "SKY" costs rather not much are happy, and eyelashes with it rush nearly one and a half months.

The optimum choice of the fixing structure is very important for eyelashes, after all on it depends not only quality of the performed work, but also health and health of eyes. What glue for eyelash extension can be considered as the best? What will suit you, and also with what will conveniently work to your master. Then expressive eyes, as though from a cover of the fashionable magazine will be result.

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