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What it is possible to eat BEFORE fitness?

To grow thin and support the body in the tightened, healthy state it is necessary to eat properly and regularly to give itself physical activity. Only such way yields 100% results, helps to clean excess fatty deposits, to strengthen muscles and to find a slim, beautiful figure. If you decided to be engaged in fitness, you remember that the result is reached together with healthy nutrition.

Today the site %host of % will tell that it is possible to eat before physical trainings and fitness.

What it is possible to eat BEFORE fitness?

Food before fitness

If the purpose of your trainings — weight loss and burning of excess fat, you remember that fats start being spent in that case when there is no energy. The organism starts splitting the fats postponed for a stock and to receive from them energy for physical activity. Therefore it is impossible to be engaged on a full stomach, it is necessary to force an organism to spend excess fatty deposits! But, it is impossible to train on a hungry stomach also, differently there will be no forces on performance of exercises, besides, at the strengthened trainings it is possible to feel dizziness, weakness from powerlessness or even to faint.

It means that in 1-1.5 hours prior to fitness classes it is necessary to eat a little food, rich with carbohydrates and proteins, and here fats should be excluded absolutely. After all from carbohydrates it is simplest to organism to receive energy for the work, and proteins will help a muscle work. Here that it is possible to eat before fitness: porridges (porridge, buckwheat, rice), low-fat fowl (a turkey, chicken breast), fruit (except bananas and grapes), vegetables, proteins of eggs, bread.

Food after fitness

What is after training? First, after good physical activity deficiency of energy, this that fine time when fatty deposits burn down is formed. Don't disturb this process and eat nothing after training within 1.5-2 hours. It is allowed, right after occupations to drink protein cocktail that the organism didn't fill the lost energy at the expense of muscles.

This rule doesn't belong in drink mode. It is possible to drink and even it is necessary both in time and after training, of course it shouldn't be sweet drinks. After 1.5-2 hours after fitness to restore muscles and to help them to get stronger it is necessary to use food, protein-rich. It can be low-fat meat, low-fat fermented milk products, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh vegetables, fish, seafood, lentil, peas, egg whites.

If strong hunger and fatigue right after training torments it isn't necessary to suffer 2 hours, you can be supported with the fat-free kefir or cottage cheese, to drink enough water or green tea. It is important to keep the daily allowance kalorazh and not to do a big break between meals. 

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