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What it is possible to eat in the evening not to recover? Products for the evening menu

All of us know that densely it is impossible to eat for the night. It not only threatens with adjournment of fatty stocks, but also deterioration of health, and it is possible, sleeplessness because of the filled stomach. But also from a reverse side, unnaturally and unpleasantly, possibly to fill up tormently hunger also falling of level of glucose in blood that will lead to feeling sick in the morning.

Very few people can fall asleep under rumbling of the hungry stomach and the notions of compulsion about food. If you after all could fall asleep hungry, a high probability that you will wake up in the middle of the night, you will spit everything and you will go to kitchen. We look for golden mean! It isn't necessary to starve in the evening, simply the dinner has to be a lung. Therefore it is necessary to eat in the evening. Today on the % site %hostwe will tell what products it is possible and it is necessary to eat in the evening and what it is impossible.

Products for the evening menu

What it is possible to eat in the evening not to recover? Products for the evening menu

We exclude food, with the content of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates need to be eaten in the morning and in the afternoon. Of course, it is best of all if it are products with a low glycemic index. They don't cause sharp increase of sugar and emission of insulin, and then approach of an acute hunger.

Of course, sometimes it is possible to indulge himself with favourite sweet, a slice of a cake, roll and pie, but only in the first half of day.

We include the products consisting mainly of protein, the celluloses rich with mineral substances and vitamins and the minimum quantity of fat, sugar and simple carbohydrates in the evening menu.

  1. Dairy low-fat products — kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat grades of cheese, milk. They contain protein which is construction material for our cages, and also calcium — it reduces stress and calms nervous system.
  2. Cellulose, vegetables. Vegetables can be eaten in the evening in any kind. The stewed, boiled dishes consisting of carrots, cabbage, pumpkin of vegetable marrows, eggplants, tomatoes, paprikas supply an organism with necessary cellulose, vitamins, mineral substances and antioxidants. Potatoes too here enter, but its use needs to be limited and reduced in comparison with other vegetables.
  3. Salads from fresh vegetables. Fresh salads from vegetables and greens well are suitable for the evening menu, especially in the summer. Only you shouldn't dress with their fat mayonnaise. A small amount of vegetable oil, sunflower or olive will be suitable better for these purposes. It is possible to add low-fat meat to them.
  4. Fish and seafood. Shrimps, squids, sea fish also contain easily acquired protein, irreplaceable fatty acids, phosphorus. Safely include seafood in the diet.
  5. Low-fat fowl: chicken breast, turkey. Fat meat of pork, beef for the night can't be eaten. And here easy dietary fowl well is suitable for an evening meal. It is also possible to include low-fat beef in small amounts.
  6. Dried fruits are rich with mineral substances, but also in them there is a lot of sugar. Some features won't damage in the evening. And so it is better to eat them in the first half of day.
  7. Bread should be chosen wholegrain, with bran, mainly consisting of rye flour.
  8. Eggs can also be eaten in the evening. But, if you are in process of weight loss, it is better to eat egg white without yolk or with its small contents. For example, an omelet from 3 proteins and 1 yolk.

As you can see, the choice is very great and from the list of products it is possible to prepare the most various dishes for the evening. It is best of all to eat in 2 hours prior to a dream, as a last resort in 1 hour.

And what to do if there was a wish to eat late at night? Tatyana Rybakova in the video blog will tell about it.