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Than depilation is better than shaving — advantages and shortcomings

We will consider the main advantages of wax before shaving:

  • the result to last more long, after all at an epilation hairs come off with a root, but aren't cut off;
  • lack of cuts, scratches, scars, so, a minimizirovaniye of risks to bring an infection in an organism;
  • reddenings which arise when shaving, after wax depilation take place in some hours;
  • hairs after wax grow less vital, become thin and imperceptible;
  • the soft peeling of skin after an epilation, and after shaving skin is overdried, is more rough and to be shelled, the feeling of tightness, discomfort, even after putting cosmetics on a body is felt.

Other features of depilation before shaving?

  1. Thanks to depilation it is possible to get rid completely of unnecessary hairs, and here shaving leads to that hair start growing and becoming actively even more densely.
  2. Absence of feeling of an itch, peeling after wax depilation, skin becomes smooth and elastic, and to achieve such effect by means of shaving it won't turn out.
  3. Carrying out procedure in salon, you will be able to remove completely hairs even in the most hard-to-reach spots, it will be comfortable and qualitative.

Here than depilation is better than shaving, and if contraindication against wax?

Than depilation is better than shaving — advantages and shortcomings

Depilation shortcomings

Before choosing — depilation or shaving, it is necessary to consult at the doctor in the presence of demotic diseases or allergic manifestations. Doing wax depilation the first time it is necessary to post patience, after all it is painful procedure.

Also there can be a strong itch, burning, an allergy by sight of the used epilation. That such didn't happen, it is necessary to make the trial test on a small site of a body to make sure that such procedure to you won't damage.

Modern ways of removal of hair without serious consequences and comfortably

Yes, removal of excess hair isn't associated with receiving pleasure or pleasant feelings. Shaving needs to be repeated very often, everywhere to mold wax, and use of the laser – long, and, from time to time, disease process. A way from all these troubles connected with removal of undesirable hair — IPL.

What actually disappears under this abbreviation?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) — is a painless method of an epilation which is based on technology of light impulses, to be exact — the principle of a selective fototermoliz. Epilators of IPL radiate light beams of various wavelength.

Waves get under skin and, having met melanin there, will be transformed to thermal energy. It destroys hair follicles which are responsible for growth of hairs. All procedure is completely safe and painless.

The IPL method is recommended to people with the sensitive skin inclined to irritations, for example, after shaving. Therefore epilators of IPL can be used even for removal of hairs on a face.

Features and advantages of each method on removal of unnecessary hairs – that to choose an epilation or shaving?

Of course, all methods of removal of hair have the advantages. Shaving by the machine – quicker also doesn't demand purchase of any additional devices, except heads. The epilation wax gives long-term effect and weakens hairs, and the laser — the good decision to get rid of undesirable vegetation at once for some months.

However we can't forget and about their shortcomings. After shaving hairs grow very quickly, they are more dark and firmer. During removal of hair it is difficult to remove with wax it from already depilirovannykh of places.

Than depilation is better than shaving — advantages and shortcomings

And the laser is available only in beauty shops and can sometimes cause changes of pigmentation of skin or even burns. Besides, procedure is quite bulky and labor-consuming because it is necessary to delete each hair separately.

During an epilation of IPL it isn't necessary to worry about pain. These procedures are pleasant. Only 11 sessions are enough that hairs were removed for a period of two till eight years, and reduction of indumentum to 90% comes after the eighth.

Moreover, this procedure can be executed independently – it isn't necessary to meet the cosmetologist. IPL devices can after all be bought right now and with success to use their houses. Each of them is completely safe that confirm positive results of tests in independent laboratories.

IPL — it not only an effective way of disposal of undesirable hair. It also technology which is used in esthetic medicine. It is applied to disposal of vascular defeats standing and rejuvenation of skin.

Such procedures are in radiation of skin that promotes the beginning of recovery processes. As a result skin is updated and rejuvenates, becoming more elastic, elastic and smooth.

Photorejuvenation by means of IPL stimulates cages of integuments to regeneration and production of collagen which is responsible for the correct functioning of many fabrics in a human body.


What to choose: shaving or epilation? We draw conclusions!

IPL epilation — an ideal choice if the long-term effect and painlessness of procedure for removal of hairs is important for us. You can forget about all troubles and inconveniences accompanying those ways of removal of hair which were used earlier. Besides, thanks to IPL we can get rid of undesirable hair for very long time.

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