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What to do if lips burst. Care of lips in the winter. Masks and compresses for dry lips


What to do if lips burst. Care of lips in the winter. Masks and compresses for dry lipsOutside the frost cracks, and at some young ladies lips start bursting at this time. The cracked lips look not only not beautifully, but also bring painful feelings. In the winter at many lips lose elasticity and natural gloss, burst and shelled. That to avoid it, it is necessary to use possibilities of protective lipstick regularly.


  • Before drawing a make-up (minutes for fifteen), it is necessary to apply hygienic lipstick on the lips and properly to massage lips.
  • In winter it is expedient to use fatter lipsticks. The lipsticks containing oil jojoba are especially suitable.
  • Lipsticks with the content of hyaluronic acid which is a natural humidifier are also good.

What to do when protective lipstick doesn't help? Fortunately, there are some alternative ways with which you can take care of the lips during the winter period.

In house conditions it is possible to prepare the paraffin masks which are favorably influencing skin of lips:

  • To kindle a small slice of paraffin.
  • To apply vegetable oil on lips, after - a number of layers of paraffin (it is previously necessary to try on a hand, whether not too paraffin hot). It is desirable to apply paraffin with use of a small brush.
  • Over the imposed paraffin it is necessary to impose a napkin, polyethylene and a warm towel (on purpose that paraffin quickly didn't cool down). The mask is maintained from ten to fifteen minutes.
  • After its removal to apply hygienic lipstick on lips. Better after a mask not to go outside within an hour.

Compresses from warm vegetable oil:

To smear lips with warm vegetable oil, to cover with polyethylene and warm fabric. You watch compress temperature. To repeat several times.

Do masks of warm plates of cucumbers:

Yields good results when using a wrapping cucumber slices. They can be fresh or frozen, the most important that to warm up them a little. Do compresses as often as possible. Wrappings with a cucumber also prevent wrinkles.

Do every day honey compresses:

Honey yields stunning results! It is best of all if you use honey together with bee pollen or several drops of lemon juice. Daily to grease lips with a thick layer of honey. To leave for 20 minutes. It is possible to combine with honey face packs.

Find a little time for the sponges and they will be soft and beautiful even in a hard frost!

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