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What glue for eyelash extension is better: hypoallergenic, pitch

1 Qualitative product

Getting glue for eyelashes, it is necessary to stop a choice on goods which possesses set of certain characteristics. The product has to be hypoallergenic, i.e. not make an adverse effect on a gentle integument of eyelids and not irritate mucous eyes. Existence of this characteristic prevents emergence of any threat for a normal state of skin and health of visual body. The good product doesn't contain in the structure of harmful, toxic components.

Availability of glue on centuries has to be almost completely imperceptible. Thanks to such property it is possible to create a faultless make-up. The low-quality structure after drying often forms roughnesses and leaves noticeable spots. Reliability and resistance to influence of factors of environment - both mechanical, and natural has to be inherent in glue. Thanks to existence of such property necessary duration socks of false eyelashes is provided.

What glue for eyelash extension is better: hypoallergenic, pitch

Glue for eyelash extension has to carry out with firmness the function within 14 days. If the gluing structure doesn't cope with the task and eyelashes start coming unstuck, ranking it as qualitative means it is impossible. As the important characteristic of glue high adhesiveness - existence at it of ability to fast sticking, or adhesion acts. For good structure the maximum duration of sticking is equal to 3 minutes. Some producers let out the gluing structures which don't demand disinfecting of an integument of eyelids before their drawing at all. For these brands of glue duration of adhesion can be slightly increased.

As a part of a good product there shouldn't be formaldehydes. Thanks to their absence the structure is deprived of a pungent smell. To choose qualitative glue, it isn't necessary to give preference to products which are made in China or Korea. They contain cheap ingredients which are capable to do harm to health. Procedure of eyelash extension will happen rather if glue dries quickly enough.

The consistence of means has to be liquid. It gives the chance to receive good result from eyelash extension procedure. Practically all stylists in beauty shops apply liquid structures. If a consistence dense, as means it is possible to doubt.

2 Structure of means

On shelves of specialized shops rather wide range of glues for eyelashes is presented. They differ not only trademarks, but also structures which define their quality and safety. Types of means which belong to the first generation, are carried out on the basis of pitch. It can have a vegetable or synthetic origin.

Glue-pitch differs in characteristic black coloring. It defines a positive side of means as it is capable to hide border between eyelashes.

Pitch is applied to eyelash extension and now. But this means isn't ideal as differs in some negative characteristics that forces girls to refuse its application. The composition of glue is characterized by excessive density and viscosity. Besides, pitch for eyelash extension of an allergichn that causes problems with health.

What glue for eyelash extension is better: hypoallergenic, pitch

Producers considered these shortcomings and presented in the market new glue for eyelashes as which main component rubber powder acts. It causes smaller number of allergic reactions that does means to safer for application. Sticky characteristics of the offered means became higher.

However and rubber powder has shortcomings. It is capable to settle at the bottom of a bottle therefore before use it isn't necessary to mix glue very long and carefully, differently it will be able to execute necessary function in full. Means and storage period doesn't differ. Procedure is carried out more long as eyelashes dry in 20 seconds that you won't tell about other options.

The glue for eyelash extension executed on the basis of cosmetic soot is recognized as the optimum. It differs in high degree of glutinosity, rather liquid, for it viscosity isn't inherent, isn't capable to create lumps.

Glue such, according to experts, the best, but girls who resort to its application for the first time often don't agree with it. All the matter is that it very quickly dries, and it demands certain skills in the course of carrying out procedure. In beauty shops of the master note positive sides of such structure as he carries out very fast and high-quality fixing and doesn't need other actions directed on drying.

Pluses of modern structures also that they don't contain chemical compounds which cause emergence of the evaporations which are negatively influencing on mucous an eye. They have no smell that gives the chance to carry out procedure in comfortable conditions. The structure on the basis of cosmetic soot and that it can be stored long is good.

3 Kinds of goods

Glue for eyelashes happens:

  • the neutral;
  • the standard;
  • the waterproof;
  • the painted.

What glue for eyelash extension is better: hypoallergenic, pitch

When building is carried out by neutral means, eyelashes are painted at once in the white color. As soon as the fixing means starts drying, it becomes completely transparent. Such characteristic is necessary when gluing decorative eyelashes which have a wide range of shades. Standard glue for eyelash extension is on sale complete with artificial eyelashes. It is most often used at independent performance of procedure in house conditions.

The waterproof type of a product enjoys special popularity. It is possible to call it extra strong. Externally structures of this look are similar to standard glue. For them the texture which allows to execute most strongly fixing of long, heavy eyelashes or the whole bunches is characteristic. Feature of such type of means is the increased elasticity. It doesn't disappear even at high extent of deformation of eyelashes.

Glue basis the very strong. It allows to keep long false eyelashes in identical situation. Rather only periodically to correct it. However often it isn't necessary to delete artificial filaments. In the majority of waterproof glues structure silicone.

There is also a glue which is painted in black color. It doesn't lose the coloring even after full drying. The means painted in black color intends for extension of eyelashes which the girl is going to supplement constantly with a black eyeliner or a pencil, to carry out a smoky make-up. Under such circumstances black glue won't be evident.

4 Accent at a choice

What glue to choose that it ideally coped with an objective and allowed to receive the most optimum result? For this purpose it is necessary to follow simple rules. Black glue for eyelashes is most widespread. But its use isn't always necessary. It is chosen in parallel with dark shadows, a pencil or an eyeliner. It allows to trace the line of growth of eyelashes in addition.

What glue for eyelash extension is better: hypoallergenic, pitch

At a choice of means it is necessary to be guided by weather as not all structures positively perceive moisture. If it is necessary to be long on the street, it is better to choose the means resistant to moisture. In order that it is good to make fixing of eyelashes, it is necessary to get glue of the same trademark, as the used material. The producer considers features of structure in the course of production.

At a choice of means it is necessary to pay attention to the enclosed instruction. In it the user's manual in clear language has to be submitted. It gives the chance attentively to study structure. And it is a guarantee of that the product has the certificate of quality.

Glue-pitch isn't recommended for use as doesn't differ in high degree of safety. As a part of the chosen means there shouldn't be components which can cause an allergy. It is necessary to be convinced that means has an acceptable time limit of the validity. Packing has to be complete, and the bottle - is hermetically closed.

It is recommended to make purchase only in specialized shops where the consultant can provide full information on glue. Still option - to order means in online store, but in this case it is necessary to choose the checked source.

5 Technology of application

Glue for eyelashes should be able to use correctly. There are 2 ways of gluing of artificial eyelashes. For 1 option at first it is necessary to bring accurately edges of eyelids a pencil or to trace a thin strip shadows of dark color. Then the girl has to try on artificial eyelashes by centuries. If there is a need, it is possible to truncate length. Filaments are cut off at an internal corner of an eye. That the result was beautiful, it is necessary to achieve the identical length of tapes and symmetrically to level eyelashes on length.

What glue for eyelash extension is better: hypoallergenic, pitch

Glue is applied, using a brush. It is necessary to wait a little until the structure dries up. Then tweezers it is necessary to take false eyelashes and to put to the prepared eyeliner. It is necessary to try to attach them as it is possible closer to natural filaments. Strongly the wooden stick will help to fasten eyelashes with a century. Thanks to it it will be possible to press well them, moving in the direction from the middle to edge. Fixing is how strong, it is possible to check, having applied a toothpick. When eyelashes sit unsteadily, they should be glued. To problem places it is added a little gluing structure.

For 2 ways it is necessary to make a wave. Before carrying out procedure get curling tongs, thin tweezers, a special brush and a thin wooden stick. From a bottle on the back of a palm squeeze out a glue drop, wait until it starts drying up and gains big stickiness. By means of a brush means is applied on the return surface of a ribbon with eyelashes.

Further it is necessary to put filaments to an external corner of an eye and to start gluing accurately them as it is possible closer to edge of an eyelid. Periodically they should be pressed down carefully a wooden stick. It is possible to give the desirable direction to eyelashes fingers. They should be directed up. Carrying out procedure, it is worth raising eyes. The tilt angle of the increased eyelashes for both eyes has to be identical.

When the gluing structure completely dries, the tape of a band disappears by drawing on an eyeliner eyelid. Using tweezers, it is possible to make a curl accurately. So eyelashes will receive a beautiful form and an attractive bend.

Glue for eyelash extension - substance which has to differ in high quality. It is important to pick up the most acceptable type of means and its structure. It will allow to carry out procedure quickly and without problems and to receive good result which will allow to make an image perfect.