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Than to wash in the winter? - Hydrophilic tiles for washing - How to make independently + Video


With arrival of winter skin lacks for moistening because of dry air indoors, a frost and a cold wind. And there is a question, than to wash and what means to use for clarification of skin not to dry skin even more? For this purpose perfectly hydrophilic tiles will be suitable for washing. After all hydrophilic tiles mostly consist of useful vegetable oils (about 80% of structure). But how it will clear skin if in it there is so much oil? The answer is simple all the matter is that the tile contains still emulsion wax which helps to emulsify water and oil in a gentle milk. This milk perfectly clears, humidifies and nourishes skin.

Than to wash in the winter? - Hydrophilic tiles for washing - How to make independently + Video

By means of a hydrophilic tile it is possible not only to clear skin, but also to delete a make-up. Oils perfectly dissolve and wash away fat and cosmetics from skin, leaving behind on skin a nutritious plenochka from natural vegetable oils. Skin gentle, velvety and absolutely pure. Besides oils, the tile can be enriched with various extracts, essential oils, clays or skrabiruyushchy to parts (to coffee, coco shaving, a laminaria, etc.)

Hydrophilic tiles can be used for clarification of the person, hands and all body.

Hydrophilic plitochka most often can be met in lines of natural what cosmetics and cosmetics of handwork. Also such tile can be prepared independently and it will take not enough time.

The recipe of preparation of a hydrophilic tile for washing:

For the basic recipe it is necessary to use such proportions:

  • Solid oils - 80% (cocoa, shi, a coco, mango, etc.)
  • Liquid oils - 20% (olive, almond, peach, wheat germs, etc.)
  • Emulsion wax - 20% from from the gross weight of solid and liquid oils

This basic recipe it is possible to diversify and add essential oils (1-2% of the weight of oils), skrabiruyushchy particles (ground coffee, poppy, ground oat flakes, coco shaving, etc.), natural wax (for example, bee - 5% of the weight of oils).

It is required to us:

  • Cocoa butter - 76 grams
  • Oil shi - 38 grams
  • Coco oil - 24 grams
  • Emulsion wax of Polavaks - 38 grams
  • Olive oil - 14 grams
  • Essential oil of a tea tree - 5 drops
  • Molds (for example for ice)

Preparation process:

  1. Weigh on scales all solid ingredients from structure and place them in heat resisting small capacity.
  2. Put it to be heated on a water bath that solid oils and emulsion wax were kindled. Carefully mix mix.
  3. Measure the amount of liquid oils is necessary and pour in the kindled mix.
  4. Let's cool down a little, add essential oil and mix.
  5. Pour mix in forms. It is better when they small and one tile is enough for some washings. Place in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Your hydrophilic tiles are ready. They can be stored in a bathroom, because of high content of solid oils they won't thaw, only at contact with water form a soft milk.Than to wash in the winter? - Hydrophilic tiles for washing - How to make independently + Video

How to use a hydrophilic tile

Rinse a face with warm water, carry out a tile on skin and it will start reacting with water and to turn into a gentle milk, massage a face the easy movements and wash away water. If necessary procedure can be repeated. You will notice, what gentle and soft skin will be after such washing! Some girls don't even apply cream after use of hydrophilic tiles - they and so perfectly nourish and moisten skin.



Try to prepare also you the means for washing, surely it will be pleasant to you!