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Why lips dry: prevention, the best means from dryness

The dry, cracked lips - the unpleasant phenomenon which many women, especially in a cold season face. The majority got used to deal with this problem in the cosmetic ways or not to pay to it attention at all. Unfortunately, this levity can lead to sad results. Drying of lips is frequent is not simply annoying esthetic defect, but a signal of failure in work of an organism. Today the site %host of % will tell everything about the reasons of drying of lips and how it is correct to fight against it.

Why lips dry: prevention, the best means from dryness

In medicine the disease at which lips and the area surrounding them dry up and burst, is called heylit. Actually under this name some diseases of lips are integrated. Each person at least once in life faced with the heylity. You shouldn't be afraid of it, but also it is impossible to start too. We will try to understand the reasons of developing of an illness.

Why lips dry up?

  1. Dehydration. Surely drink on 1,5-2 pure liters every day and refuse too sharp and salty products.
  2. Weather conditions (can be the cause of drying of lips both a frost, and too dry, hot air).
  3. Hot food or drinks.
  4. Insufficient hygiene of a mouth.
  5. Bad habits: smoking; pokusyvaniye or licking of lips; a habit to gnaw pencils or handles.
  6. Allergy. Try to refuse for a while the favourite lipstick or to replace toothpaste brand. Perhaps, allergen contains in them. Also cracks and a peeling can be caused by an allergy to cold or atopic dermatitis.
  7. Lack of vitamins or iron of an organism.
  8. Side effects of drugs.
  9. Hyperfunction of salivary glands.
  10. Emergence of some diseases: for example, a fungus, a gipertireoz (or other problems with a thyroid gland), caries, diabetes.

Perhaps, for establishment of the exact reason of dryness you should visit the doctor and to make some tests.

The best pharmaceutical means in fight against dryness of lips

So, you decided on a cause of illness. Fortunately, today we have the richest arsenal of pharmaceutical means for fight against any illness.

Hygienic lipstick. The easiest and easy way of care of lips. Lipstick forms a protective film which interferes with moisture evaporation, and also protects gentle mucous from microbes and bad weather. Also often add vitamins A to lipsticks, In, With or E. 

Vitamin complexes. Help when emergence of a heylit is connected with avitaminosis.

Ointments. Are usually applied to protection against harmful effects of sunshine, at emergence of dermatitis or eczema (irikar) or when developing large wounds and qzvochek (solkoserit).

Antihistamines. Are necessary for fight against an allergy

Sedatives. Many people who are in a stressful situation or a depression without noticing that, start gnawing nails or to bite lips. And it, in turn, leads to developing of injuries on mucous and to distribution of pathogenic bacteria. If you aren't able to get rid independently of addictions and a stress, try to fight with them medicamentally.

Antifungal means. Are calculated on treatment of the various mycoses caused by emergence of pathogenic fungi.

Why lips dry: prevention, the best means from dryness

Traditional medicine

When the speech doesn't go about any serious disease, it is possible to eliminate dryness of lips and by means of folk remedies. Many products well familiar to us contain the mass of the useful substances necessary for care of gentle skin.

Pulp of leaves of an aloe. The aloe is the magnificent antibacterial and healing means. The gruel prepared from the lower, fleshiest leaves of an aloe will gradually reduce wounds and will soften the dry, cracked skin.

Lotions from broth of bark of an oak, a St. John's Wort, a sage, roots of a krovokhlyobka or a calendula. Use of lotions most all approaches treatment of a heylit in a sharp form. All above-mentioned plants possess antiseptic and protivospalitelny properties, and also promote fast cell regeneration and contain a set of vitamins. It is rather simple to moisten in broth a napkin or a wadded disk in grass broth and to leave a lotion on lips for 15-20 minutes.

Grass collecting.
Resort to the next way when heylit takes the chronic form. The use of grass broth inside promotes clarification and improvement of a mouth. For its preparation use a calendula, a camomile, birch kidneys and a train. The regular use of this means after each meal will gradually lead to recovery.

Oils. Will help to soften dry skin of lips also vegetable oils. Especially oils of a dogrose, fruits of cocoa, mint, wheat and lavender.

Mask from cream. Mix a teaspoon of fat cream with oat flakes and couple of drops of any of the listed above oils. Impose a mask a thick layer on lips, and in 10-15 minutes wash away.

Preventive measures and rules of care of lips

  • Get rid of addictions! Stop biting lips, to smoke, gnaw nails and the writing accessories.
  • You watch the diet. Use more fresh vegetables and fruit, and avoid all sharp, sweet and salty.
  • Best of all are suitable for care of lips fat cream.
  • Surely erase before going to bed the lipstick remains.
  • Periodically do a soft peeling of lips.
  • Mass lips and regularly carry out special front gymnastics to improve blood circulation.
  • Protect lips from an ultraviolet and frosty air.
  • Use cosmetic ice from grass broths.

These simple recommendations will help you to keep your sponges fresh, elastic and beautiful.

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Whether you had to face dryness of lips? How you fought against it? What of the options offered above was pleasant to you? Share in comments!